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Discussion in 'Dog Behavior Problems' started by splitz831, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. splitz831 New Member

    I can't figure out why, because nothing has really changed but my two boston terriers (actually I don't know if it is both of them or just one but they live in the same area when we aren't home) keep peeing BESIDE the mat! They have been pee pad trained almost since they got home, it didn't take them long, but now at almost one (they'll be one next week) they are suddenly peeing beside it. Not even like accidents while running to it..no purposely beside it. Nothing in our life that I can think of has changed to cause this. I've done all the stain remover smell remover stuff and still they pee beside the pad. Can anyone give me a hint as to why this might be happenning and how to stop it?

    I just got up because my husband came home to find out they peed ON TOP of their dog create (they can get up top and lay on it (there is padding)). WHY? WHY? WHY? Can anyone tell me why...they've been trained for like 8 months no problems!

  2. sarhaspups New Member

    Are they trained to go pee outside at all? Yes I've heard of people using the pee pads for deliberate peeing in the house b/c they didn't want their dog peeing on the grass. (sigh) Anyway, if they are using those even when you are home, you need to train them to go outside to potty!
    Second question, why don't you crate them while you are not home? Crating a dog while you are not home, especially puppies, is not cruel, in fact it is doing your dog a huge favor. (IMHO) The crate is a safe and comfortable place for your dog to be when you are not there to watch him/her.
    Crating when you can't be with them and going potty outside will fix your problem. Take the pads away!! :) Those are not meant to be used except for puppies first couple of weeks learning to go potty outside.... and only meant for accidents.

  3. splitz831 New Member

    They are trained to go outside as well. One really hates going outside, when she was a puppy she'd hold it until we got back in, but we finally trained her out of it. Unfortunately with our schedule (and lack of help we thought we'd have, from my husbands kids) we are gone so long during the day I don't think it's fair to make them hold it that long.

    As for crating, we don't think it's cruel in any way, but when we bought them the store had run out of crates, busy puppy week I guess, so we just started "crating" them in a small area in the hall. They are crated but without an actual crate. We used to keep them seperated but we find that they perfer to be together (they are litter sisters).

    One (Josie) rarely uses the pads, she'll hold it all day but the other (Luci), who isn't as fond of going outside, uses it about twice a week and sometimes at night (but that hasn't happened in months). But now the few times she does go in the house, she's peeing BESIDE the pad. It had to be Josie that peed on top of the dog house, because Luci is afraid to go up there. So this is VERY strange, as she's been trained to go outside since about a week after we brought her home and almost never has accidents until now.
  4. sarhaspups New Member

    hmmmmmmmmmmm, I don't know......all I can think of is training them to potty outside and take the pads away completely. To get Luci getting used to going potty outside I would suggest walking her outside on a leash and waiting for her to go outside..... and then make a party out of it, big reward! Something she really enjoys. You can also put going potty on que (to do that is easy, when you see her getting ready to go, say 'go potty' or 'hurry up' some que you want and when she goes, praise praise praise!!). This will take some time and a lot of work but I would start all over with potty training and start walking them both out on leash (in the back yard) if you want them to go in a certain area, take them to that area only. Reward for going potty outside. If you are gone too long during the day for them to hold it..... get a dog walker to walk them for you! They should be able to hold it pretty easy for 8 hours. I think the accidents are happening b/c the criteria is unclear, they don't understand what is right and wrong when going potty?
    Hope that helps, that's all I can think of. Good luck!!! Any one have other ideas?

  5. splitz831 New Member


    Now that's it's getting warmer here and the snow is almost gone it will be easier to get them out more...bundling them up for a walk was so much work in the snow. The only problem with Luci that we had last summer too was she'll literally wait ALL DAY to come back in and pee. We had them out for 6 hours once and she ran inside when it was time to come in and peed...hilarious but frustrating, she's my little princess who thinks she's too good to go outside. She's gotten a lot better with A LOT of praise but it hasn't been easy. I guess we'll have to try getting rid of the pee pads all together!
  6. sarhaspups New Member

    Oh yes! Very spoiled. Will take some time but you can do it. Definately walk her out each and every time on leash and wait for her to go and get rid of the pads all together or you will never be able to break it. She doesn't know better. She held it and went in the house to pee b/c that is what you have taught her.
    I really hope you can work on this , Luci will be a happier dog pee'ing outside where she should be and you will be a happier doggie owner. :)
    Please let us know if you run into other problems. Good luck!!
  7. hivin New Member


    If that didn't work ... you could start cutting it down in size, once they got used to pottying on the pad outside, cut it down so that it's 3/4 of the size .... then 1/2 the size ... and so on .... once you're down to 1/4 or 1/8 the size you should probably be able to take away the rest of it by then and hopefully the pup would just have the idea by then that ... ah, the green stuff is just a new potty pad!!!

    Hope all is "going" well! Hivin

  8. hivin New Member

    Unfortunately that's a possibility as well .... we had a bearded collie a long time ago and he was so well paper trained that he could be kept out in the yard all day long ( and we'd keep the fluids coming ... he actually loved Koolaid when we froze it in the summer for him ) he'd drink all day and when we brought him in for the evening he'd run like lightening to pee on the paper in the basement. A case of training adherance to the extreme!!!!! Oh ... his name was Rebel ... and he lived up to his name. Goodness me, hadn't thought about Rebel in a long time, ... made us smile!!!!

  9. landseer Well-Known Member

    Hello everybody,
    I have been able to solve the pee problem with a lot of patience. First of all I have to admit Chantal lives most of her time in our garden. She has a big fence with her kennel. So I only need to clean everything daily without any problems. But what about when I had to keep her in our house? Big spots and "monuments" were delivered in her favourite places. So I followed some hints by Chantal's trainer. What I had to do was to ignore her when peeing at home and not to let her see me when I cleaned everything. This is because mostly, when they pee at home, is due to their need of having our attention. They learn the link PEEING = ATTENTION. I never reproached Chantal and every time she left her "needings" outside I praised her or gave her a treat. When I had her in the house I took her every 3/4 hrs outside. Every time she showed me her desire to get in I ignored her until she made her pee and poo. In that moment I praised her and took her inside with her big joy. Well, she learnt the lesson very well and now, when she is with us inside, she is so able to let us know she needs to go outside and free herself.
    Hope I have been helpful.
    Landseer and Chantal.

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