Michael Vick jerseys going cheap



Just a heads up, Michael Vick jerseys are selling on ebay for an average of 5 bucks each, down from 80 bucks each.
Anyway the jerseys do make wonderful pull toys for dogs and you can have hours of fun with your dog shreding the jerseys in tugs of war.
After you are done playing just dump in garbage ( where they belong and buy another ) I am sure they will continue to go down in price and you will have a really inexpensive pull toy.

Jean Cote

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LOL! The 5$ is probably the opening bid tho! ;)

Talking about eBay... I'll be launching a dog store on this website soon, powered by eBay!! :) I hope you guys will like it!


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It is really a good news that the prices of Michael Vick jerseys are going down and thus it comes in the range of every dog owner which helps in increasing the sale of the product