Merry Christmas and introduction



Hello, everyone,

It's Christmas morning and I'm with my new rescue dog, Gretchen. When I learn how to upload photos, I'll send one of her. For now, I'll describe this 22lb. one year old rescue. Gretchen is a terrier/something mix, black with white threads running through her 4" long coat, curly tail and 'woflie' face. She's submissive in some of her behavior, but still feisty and funny.

Picked up as a stray in Philadelphia, she's been through three shelters that I know of, yet retains a sweet, sweet personality. Today marks the first two weeks we've been together.

Gretchen has a LOT of energy and is a very smart girl. I've joined to learn how to teach her some tricks to keep her boredom level down (and unwanted chewing to a minimum.)

I'm happy to meet you'all, and look forward to sharing stories!:dogtongue2:


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Welcome to the DTA. hehe I know of no better way to prevent chewing than to keep your dog busy. My own dog is now six months old and still hasn't chewed a single thing that doesn't belong to her. I swear this is because she's always too busy learning new things and spending energy which would otherwise go into destruction.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy your training!


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Welcome and bless your heart for rescuing a dog. I hope you have a long and happy life together. :dogbiggrin: