Memership Status?


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When I'm posting I have the very grand title of 'VIP' member! But having just checked out my account I am now, apparently, a 'community' member; other member titles I have seen are 'well-known' 'experienced' 'honored' 'new' and just 'member'. What do they all mean? Or have I just missed something that was really obvious? :confused: Maggi


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The experienced/honored/new shows how active you are/have been on the forum (how much you have posted).
I just saw you VIP status I haven't seen it before, but I'm guessing you bought a training DVD from Jean? Otherwise I don't know :cautious:

Jean Cote

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Hi Maggi,

Mutt said it perfectly! (y) The status reflects how long a person has been a member and how often they've posted to the forum. The new "VIP Member" is applied to members who have purchased a lesson. It's my way of saying thanks! :)