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Name: Kryst'n Location: Texas

Dogs: Mudflap(6-yr-old Border Collie, female, rescue), Zeke(6-yr-old Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog, male), Gypsy(3-yr-old Weimaraner, female), Harley(1-yr-old Chow/BC/Aussie mix???, female), Nick(6+ yr old teacup Chihuahua, male)

Activities: Trick training(and lots of it), agility as a home-hobby, working sheep(just because they love it), and training for the occasional client

Dog Tricks: sit, down, stand, stay, come, leave it, roll over, bang, crawl, boo(shy), spin(left/right), shake(both paws), hi-five(each paw), up high(hi-ten, on hind legs), touch(nose targetting), paw(paw targetting), march, cross paws, wave, tiptoes(no command yet, just hand signal), weave, figure 8s, directed jumping, jump my leg, get a kleenex, get my keys(almost), say your prayers, pray a little harder, march, beg, wait, go(release for working sheep), ready(used for agility, fetching, and a few other things), get up(on anything), off, a very rusty heel but we're getting there, on my left, switch(sides), around, back up, "Hut, hut, HIKE!"(hike a football), Easter Egg hunt(pick up eggs and put them in a basket), "What do boy dogs do?"(hike leg), "Are you a boy dog?"(shake head no, in progress), cheek targetting, chin targetting, fetch a drink from the fridge, pivoting, BOING!, hold, kennel, truck. Learning more every day! :)

How they found me: Mud was a neglected junkyard dog. She and her sister were rescued by a local no-kill shelter at 3 yrs of age, and I found her on Petfinder. I couldn't keep myself from dialing the phone, and she was soon a happy member of our household. ^^ Zeke came from the famous 6666 Ranch and was owned by a 14-yr-old boy. Gypsy came from a friend of mine who just didn't have room and time for her, and she has fit in wonderfully. She will soon begin training for finding deer antler sheds and for blood trailing. Nick came from WalMart...literally. A family friend was approached by an elder gentleman in the WalMart parking lot and said he couldn't afford to feed this dog anymore. The family friend knew I was a sucker for animals, and voila...I ended up with a Chihuahua. Lol! In a way, all of my dogs have been rescued from a situation that they didn't need to be in. ^^ Even Zekers. My little pack of misfits. :doghappy:

Areas of Expertise: I really, really, really love working with behavior problem dogs. I used to do a lot of volunteering for the shelter Mud came from, and I worked with many dogs there with behavior issues. I learned a great deal from them and really loved it. Most of the dogs that I have trained for people have had behavior problems of some kind.

Breed of Choice: Now that's a tough one....I grew up with Dalmations and loooved them. I've always been insanely infatuated with Border Collies and am pretty obsessed with the breed. And I love the silly, fun-loving, sweet nature of Rotties. These are probably my top 3. I've had experience with a wide variety of breeds but these guys stole my heart. ^^