Meet Sergeant Julie Nutballs!

Hi everyone!

Julie and I live in the Northwest. We adopted her from the local Humane Society, and it's been almost 2 years that we've had her. Julie is an Australian Cattle Dog/American Pitbull Terrier mix. (Are you wincing right now? Most people do. ) She is indeed a very interesting mix, and so pretty, and super smart.

We like to go on runs together, rain or shine, and she is a super-smart girl that always, always keeps us on our toes. Whether picking up a trick at lightening speed or discovering a new, unique way to escape from her collar, we are constantly impressed.

Ms. Nutballs has come by her name quite honestly, she is so smart and muscular,and so, so high energy. Sergeant Nutballs just came to us. :p I was looking over her documents from the humane society today when renewing her license, and noticed every behavioral analysis had "VERY HIGH ENERGY" scribbled across it in 3-inch high letters, on every page. You can't say they didn't warn us!

I joined up here to learn some new tricks for Julie. We do pretty well managing her energy with runs and tug o war, but in these chilly wet months our trips outside are becoming fewer, so I'm going to try to invest some time and drain some of that mental energy she's got going on instead.

Thanks for reading, lovely to meet you all!

Elle & Sergeant Julie.


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Welcome! We Love Pitties and pitt mixes here, we aren't biased against any breed of dog. Please post pictures. What tricks do you want to teach? We'll be glad to help if you have any questions.


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Welcome!!!!!!!!!:D OMD!!!!!! WHAT a cutie!!!!!!!!:love::love::love: I am in LOVE with her freckled face!!!!:love::love::D She's beautiful!!!

Sounds like you two have tons of fun together!!!!
This is the best site if you want to teach your dog tricks!!! There are tons of ideas on the forums, and if you need any help teaching a particular trick, just ask!!:)


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Welcome!:) Sargent Julie Nutballs is a real STUNNER:love: We all love Pittie X's so no winces here:cool::love: LOL no you sure couldn't say you weren't warned!

What tricks would you like to teach her? There are heaps of ideas in the Trick Forum and any questions, just post a thread, everyone will jump in to help you.

Just one thought, for those winter months, maybe she would use some energy up learning to 'find' things hidden around the house and stay dry and warm too. A bit like Nosework. That really uses up a lot of mental energy and physical too, so just may help keep her occupied.

Love the pics and thank you, she's gorgeous, love that freckled face:love:


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Hi and welcome! She's gorgeous - a really cool looking dog! :love::cool: Great pics! She does certainly sound like a high energy dog - fun but wow, they can wear one out. Mary made a good suggestion above. If you haven't done it before, play some 'search' games with her in the house, hide a favorite toy or ball and have her "find it". Using their brains and noses truly does wear them out. I do K9 Nosework (the sport) with mine, and just doing hides around the house will make them nap-ready for a little bit - it really wears them out (think back to what a really hard study session did to you in school).

You'll find lots of good suggetions and ideas on here for new tricks - have fun!


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Welcome!! She is very cute!

Glad to see you've come to join us with our trick training :) It's great fun for all involved.