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  1. charmedwolf Moderator

    Name: Ashley. You can call me Charmed
    Location:North Carolina (Always changing however)

    Kratos- 6yrs old English Mastiff (Bought from breeder),
    Jinx- 5yrs old, Boxer (rescued from BYB at 5 months),
    Isis- 5yrs old Boxer (rescued from BYB at 5 months),

    Activities: Conformation, Agility, Cani-Cross, Rally Obedience & Helper in Schutzhund.

    Dog Tricks: Way too many to count :p
    Kratos: Sit, down, stand, stay, wait, come, heel, get in, high-five (left, right), shake (left, right), wave (left, right, both), spin, reverse spin, roll over, crawl, play dead, bow, shy, get on/off, go away, outside, go eat, back up, kisses, good dog, leave-it, get in, target, touch, over, get in, around, Get to your bed, be easy, speak, ring the bell, Tug it, hold it, drop it, take, Are you a tiger? (jumps and claws like a cat) and watch me

    Isis: Sit, down, stay, wait, stand, touch, target, leave-it, look at that, want it, get it, bring it, high five (right, left), get to your bed, go potty, kiss kiss, and are you a begger?

    Jinx: Sit, down, stay, wait, stand, touch, target, leave-it, look at that, want it, get it, bring it, high five (right, left), get to your bed, go potty, kiss kiss, where’s your monkey?, Find monkey (her baby) and hi ho silver

    How they found me:
    Kratos came to us right after the death of our Beagle and Bull Mastiff (Buddy & Duke respectively). We lasted a week before we decided the house was too quiet even with our APBT Roxanne. We put in our deposit for Kratos when he was 4 weeks old. At 8 weeks he came home with us just two days after Moose came home.

    Jinx & Isis were litter mates whom we "adopted" from a friend. We also adopted their two litter mates Maserati and Axle. We made a midnight run to TN from NJ and back to get them from a trucker that had picked them up for us. Both are still dealing with aggression issues.

    Areas of Expertise: I am very knowledgable with aggressive/ reactive dogs, though I’m definitely not an expert, I’m always learning especially with Isis. I’m really good at clicker training (All those years of video games finally are worth something! :D ). I’m also very good at Conformation training because of how many show dogs I’ve had. Dog food and feeding RAW are also two things I'm extremely passionate about.

    Breed of Choice: Quite honestly I don’t have a serious breed of choice. I love English Mastiffs & Bull Mastiffs. They fit my personality well (Bull Mastiffs more) and I love getting the reaction from people when they see a big dog doing the same thing little dogs do. On the other hand, I adore German Shorthaired Pointers. They fit my exercise needs and I love the look of hunting dogs.

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi Ashley. Thank you for volunteering your time and helping us with the DTA forums! :dogsmile: I loved reading your profile, your dogs really know quite a lot of tricks. And I know it's not easy to teach big breeds some of those tricks so I think you should really pat yourself on the back. :dogsmile:
  3. reveuse Well-Known Member

    Nice to meet you! and what is "hi ho silver" ? Romeo is curious [IMG]
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  4. charmedwolf Moderator

    Lol I always joke that Kratos is really a border collie at heart. The most active Mastiff I've ever met. He even herds sheep XD.

    "Hi ho silver" is a trick I captured with Jinx to mimic the rearing of a horse. It's the beginning part to her walking on two legs.

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