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    Last week me and my mom brought a five week old kitten home from my Nana's house. We decided to take him because he was not doing well. When I first noticed he was sick he was 3 weeks old. His eyes were not able to open and had goo on them. My mom pushed a little on one and puss started pouring out of his poor eye. We wanted to take him home, but didn't want to take him from mom. Well last week when we visited my Nana we choose to take him home after noticing how boney he was while his siblings weight is fine.

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    I had wrote more on this post, but made the mistake of leaving the computer to eat and everything got erased. :(
    Bones's Personality
    He plays a lot. He really likes Missy's fluffy tail, feet and hands. He likes to bite feet and hands... His razor sharp teeth hurt a lot. After he plays for a little bit he'll fall asleep on someone of his "mom", his "mom" is my pillow pet which he attempts to nurse. Oh he likes the dogs and tries sleeping beside them, but neither has let him yet. He is also fine with my bird, actually he is scared of him since Toby bit him. It's funny, because Bones is bigger than Toby, who is a parakeet.
    Missy and Bones
    When we first brought him home I put him in Piper's crate which he stays in when not being watched, night and when we aren't home. Well Missy immediately started growling at Piper when she went to investigate, so I told my sister's kids who were over to Not go in my room at all. She has gotten better since I have her leave the area every time she growls at Piper. Though I found it strange when I brought my bird out to meet Bones she snapped at Bones when he went to close to Toby, bird. I put Toby up and well have to let them hang out when Missy is not around for safety. Missy does this with small animals...
    Piper and Bones
    Piper sees Bones as a new playmate... Problem is she's 52 pounds and pounds is maybe 1 pound. When Piper plays she pokes with her nose a lot and she does this to Bones knocking him over which is not a big deal. But she pounces so me and my family keep a close eye on her when she plays with him.
    Sophie and Bones
    My outdoor cat Sophie wants nothing to do with him. I'm not surprised and will have to come up with a way to help her be okay with him.
    P.S we are looking at getting the softpaws for him when he is older(thanks Kassidy, I had never heard of them before you)
    ) Day One Teddy.JPG Day One.JPG Day Two.JPG
    His "Mommy" DSCN4384.JPG

    Click on pictures to see them bigger.:)
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    Awwwwwwwww! Danielle he's gorgeous! I'm sure he'll do great with your family.

    Naming him Bones seems a tiny bit sad though... couldn't you lengthen his name to "Bag Of Bones" and then shorten it to Bob?
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    I'm the one who started calling him Bones when he was at my Nana's just to have something to call him besides "how is the gray/white kitten doing. I was asking about renaming him, but my mom wants to keep it, so I said his name is Lovely Bones. Plus they say it matches his color?O_o Maybe they'll decide it can be changed change it..
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    Never mind. I'm sure he's one happy little cat now whatever his name!
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    Very cute! One warning with the soft paws, don't put too much glue in them, if you put too much it can go out the edges and then it can pull the cat's fur out on their toes. But other than that they worked great for me.
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