Me and My Dogs



:msnohyes:My name is linda. I just joined Dogtrickacademy. I have 3 dogs at the present time. I have 2 Schipperkes (pronounced skipperkey) and a Jug (1/2 pug & 1/2 Jack Russell. ,
Buddy the Jug just graduated from Puppy Kindergarten. Jona ( 1 yr old Skip) is going to go to Agility classes as soon as we get obedience down pat. Skipper (10 yr) is a been there done that that type of dog. Plus he only has 3 legs that slowed him down a lot 5 years ago. A hunter shot Skip stating Skip was "attacking" NOT! SKipper weighs 27 pounds
Here's some information for those of you who don't know much about Schipperkes. They are coal black,natural stand up ears,docked tail, about 12 inches at the shoulders and only are supposed to weigh about 20 lbs.


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Hi Linda,
Welcome to the Academy!
Thanks for the info on Schipperkes! Come on over to the monthly challenge thread and join in on the trick training.
And of course, we all LOVE pictures and videos!


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Thanks for explaining what a Schipperke was. I have not heard about this breed. Would love to see a picture if your able. I've found this site to be wonderful. It's been alot of help with training. Hope to see you around.