Me And My Boys

Hi, Im a country girl who is currently city bound. I am a vet nurse turned dog groomer and co-own a Pet Spa, Salon and Boutique Shoppe.
My newest member, a chinese crested hairless dog, Yoshi (Sherabill Keepin Tongues Waggin) joins me every day in the salon and loves greeting the customers. Im hoping to debut in the dog show scene with him.
I also share my home with my tri-blue merle border collie Merlin, who I have started obedience, agility and herding with.
Oh great to meet someone else who shares my fave breeds =)
I am hoping to start some conformation type shows with my Crestie as he is fully registered and comes from good show lines (although I have never done it before so will at least be interesting to try!) I might try some agility with him down the track too since he is such an agile and smart boy.
My collie and I started agility last year and this year he is old enough to compete which Im very excited about, Im also interested in flyball, frisbee and dog dancing so who knows what will wil end up doing!! We have just found us someone to teach us herding too =)
How about you guys??


Staff member
I adore both breeds, and yours are lovely! Cresties are really good at agility, apparently, and very smart little dogs. I would love one (but only if they're deaf, as I prefer deaf dogs) I dont think I could ever own a Border Collie, or any other herding breed (except a Rough Collie... but the herding instinct is nearly gont in them) I just dont do well with that type...

I love getting stubborn, independent terrier types to do the unexpected :)

Welcome to the DTA!!!