Marina Point Talent Show 2012!

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Sara Carson, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Sara Carson Experienced Member

  2. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    Hero was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    WOW!!! AWESOME job Sara and Hero!!!! AMAZING!!! You both did GREAT!!!!!:D:ROFLMAO:
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

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  5. Anneke Honored Member

    Whooohooo!! Good show!!!
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  6. LeviTheOutlaw Well-Known Member

    Awesome job hero!!! Was that at a nursing home?
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  7. Sara Carson Experienced Member

    yes it was ::) thanks everyone!!
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  8. LeviTheOutlaw Well-Known Member

    Sara - I just wanted to say it's really great of you and Hero to participate in nursing home activities. I work for a state department that inspects nursing homes, so I am in and out of them all the time. You don't know how much joy you are giving them. When people bring their animals for the Residents to see and interact with they get so excited. It's a really great thing you did. I would love to hear more about how they put on the talent show, you found out about it etc, so I could pass on the idea to the activity directors at the nursing homes I go to.
  9. Sara Carson Experienced Member

    It was great :) The coordinator is my friends sister. She did a placement there for school and brought the idea to the owners. It was just a small event but 2-4 people who participated were from the home. There were free cookies and coffee then ice cream that was sold :)
    The owners LOVED Hero and are welcoming us back as "entertainment" but really it going to be therapy work.. Since he is not a year he cant qualify to be certified.. I did buy him a vest tho hehe :p
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  10. Dlilly Honored Member

    Really, you don't need anything on him that says "therapy dog". If you want something on him, I would suggest a bandanna. :) A vest will cover up his back and leave less room for pets.

    Good luck!! I know Hero can do it. (y) And you guys did an awesome job at the nursing home!
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  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I LOVED LEVI'S COMMENT ("reply #8") and could not agree more!

    and Dilly is right, too.
    ALSO many nursing homes do NOT have any certification requirements to bring in a dog to help the oldsters have a moment of joy. Some nursing homes DO, but many do not have such a requirement. Most nursing homes DO allow dogs to visit ppl. If anyone reading this knows someone in a nursing home,
    you should call the facility to check if you can bring your dog there. (provided, of course, your dog loves loud strangers fawning over him).

    //The owners LOVED Hero and are welcoming us back as "entertainment" but really it going to be therapy work.. Since he is not a year he cant qualify to be certified.. I did buy him a vest tho hehe //

    My dog is not certified, but, he does informal therapy in nursing homes, when i bring him to visit my paralyzed sister in a nursing home-------all the other residents come to see him, and Buddy does tricks for them. They all know Buddy there.

    lol, when we go down the hall, sometimes THEY call out his trick cues!! :ROFLMAO: "Ey, Buddy, wanna beer?" and so on.
    and we go up and down the hall, and everyone pets him, plays with him, cuddles him, fawns over him, for as long as they want to.
    and Everyone feeds him treats, etc. I do think having the oldsters feed Buddy treats is good for their eye/hand co-ordination, or fine motor movement. They LOVE to feed Buddy much. Buddy gets a very small dinner that night...

    It's not 'formal' therapy, but, still, i can see the joy he brings to those ppl.
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  12. LeviTheOutlaw Well-Known Member

    Thats awesome Tigerlilly!!!

    It's so great. I bet Buddy loves it as much as the residents do. I would love to take Levi and Xena to some facilities. Unfortunately, all the ones in my area I visit on official business for the state and They don't get to crazy about the idea for having the "state person" in there building... even just for fun. lol I guess too afraid I will see something wrong while I'm there.
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  13. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Oh Levi, don't i know it!! Yes, yes, the state's appearance DOES indeed strike fear in the hearts of all employees! YOu are not lying a single bit there! rofl! aw geez, even in hospitals, everyone just about has to change their pants after stste goes through! rofl!! We are actually calmer when we hear we are in the path of tornado, than when state comes through!! rofl!!!

    we know, we can ding'd for a cup of coffee out of place, etc etc.

    maybe you SHOULD bring a dog along with you, Levi, to help calm down the employees!!:ROFLMAO:
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