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Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by tx_cowgirl, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    A stray lab/pit/? mix has been wandering around my house...she has a pretty bad case of mange, and I want to try to get rid of this. Are there any home remedies for this? If I can help her at low cost, I'd like to try before I call the vet. I have fourteen animals of my own already, four of them being dogs....financially I can only do so much for her, but I'll do anything I can. I've heard that Tea Tree Oil is good for moisturizing the skin of mange-ridden dogs, but does this fix the problem, or just soothe the itching? I don't see how this would get rid of the mange mites... I would appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me. :dogsmile:

  2. bocephus Experienced Member

    An old remedy for mange is sulfa powder mixed into white lard. Apply to sores, caused by the mange, several times a day.

    If you go to the link below there are different home remedies.
    Good Luck with the pup!!
  3. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Beware of using any oil based 'remedy', particularly as you appear to be in Texas, where, I gather, you can get a lot of sunshine. The oil, heated by the sun, can very quickly burn the dog's skin.

    If it's sarcoptic mange then the dog really needs some vet treatment, as the itching will be driving it mad. While the mange itself can take a while to solve, even with vet treatment, the itching can be cured much more quickly with a steroid injection.

    Without the steroid injection, a vicious circle begins. The dog itches, so it scratches at the itchy area. The constant scratching creates open sores which then become infected, and on it goes...

    On this score, I most certainly wouldn't want to rely on home-remedies - many of which are old-wives tales, as they say around these parts.

    Also be aware other conditions display very similar symptoms to mange. I remember a previous dog of mine losing loads of fur and itching like mad. I was convinced it was mange before I took her to the vet. Absolutely convinced. As it turned out, it wasn't. It was just that the dog had received a tiny fracture-like cut in her skin, and then it had got infected, probably through swimming in the local river. A steroid injection to solve the itching, and a course of antibiotics, and she was fine and dandy again
  4. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Thank you both very much. And I didn't plan on "curing" it with a home-remedy, just wanted to help at least soothe the itching for a while until I figure out what I'm going to do with her... As I said, she's not mine, and I most certainly cannot take in another dog. If I can get some money together I will go to the vet, but until then I at least want to make her feel better....anyway, thank you!
  5. ambercecelia New Member

    a dog has also adopted my house and i do not have the heart to turn her away. i live in florida and its very very hot here. this dog has a bad case of something thats making her hair fall out and sores every where. i am disabled and i have 2 kids and i just do not have any money at all to be able totake her to the vet. i called a local shelter to see if they could help me and they came out but sence she is a pit bull all they said they would do is take her in and put her to sleep. i said no way!! i brought her inside and i gave her a good bath then i rubbed her with baby oil. the next day i got some anti itch spray from a friend that also numbs the wounds and disinfects them. the bleeding has stoped but her skin is still very very bad off. she is having no problem eating or drinking. right now i keep her in a cage for most of the day which she does not seem to mind, i take her for a walk 4 times a day and every time after i get back from walking her i clean her skin. i really do not know what elce i can do to help her. do any of you know anything i can do to help her? is there certen types of food that might help? i'm giving her gateraid once a day. is anybody does know of anything elce that could be done please post it!!!!
    thank you amber cecelia:msnsad:
  6. ambercecelia New Member

    next to my name is a little man, i don't want that to be there! i would rather it be female. does anyone know how to change that?:msngiggle:

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