Magoo's Owner Here..


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Hi Guys,

Nice web site. Looking forward to sharing information and learning some new things.

Hope this message finds you all well.

P.S. Do not buy Del Monte Begging Strips for your dog.. These killed my last beloved springer spaniel "Dudley" Stupid wheat gluton from china!


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Love the name: Magoo :)

Your message serves as a reminder to all: watch what you feed your dogs! Things are not always as they appear.

Jean Cote

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Hi Magoo!

:welcome: to the website.... (You still haven't replied to my PM, do u still get error messages?)

Your dog died from eating packed dog treats? ? ? That's crazy! I hope you sued them.

Jean Cote

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Magoo have you considered sueing them? There is a class action lawsuit going on for the recent major food recall - check this here. Not sure if it's only for Canadian tho.