Maggi & Solas


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Hi, I've had dogs all my life, and at 58, I've experienced lots of different training methods recommended as 'the way to train your dog!'. Positive reinforcement is now the way I work with my dog. I got into helping out at dog training classes when one of my dogs died, and my remaining dog experienced separation anxiety, when I had to leave him. I contacted a dog behaviourist, had a consultation and started going to the classes that she ran. We became friends, and I got a new puppy (Solas the GSD) and took her to puppy socialsation class, novice and advanced classes. During this time I started helping out at the classes, and have taken some myself, and the experience has been great! I love sharing this humane way of training. At present I have a 6 yr old GSD called Solas, I learn so much from her; and this is a mutually engaging experience for both of us! I live in Scotland, I'm fortunate to live in a rural setting, surrounded by fields, woods, and forest walks. This can also be a downside in that often on my walks we don't meet other dogs, and as Solas can be a bit reactive, it doesn't help her socialise. We also work on her reactivity using only positive reinforcement methods. It takes time and effort, perhaps sometime that isn't always attractive to people who want a 'quick fix'; and punitive, corrective methods unfortunately lead people to believe that they work (because they do, in the short term, but bring a whole new host of problems). I never want my dog to do something because she's scared of me! So the only way to go is positive reinforcement!:)


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Welcome!:) You'll fit right in on this forum, as we all use Positive Reinforcement Training. You doggy is beautiful:love: