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Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by leema, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. leema New Member

    I am finally happy with Mac's weight! His obesity snuck up on me and it's been a battle ever since! I didn't realise until we visited his breeder and was told "he's fat!".

    So with commitment and CONSTANT food modifying and very slim rations, he is now a weight where I can feel ALL his ribs - that's too skinny! I never thought we'd get there! It has been several years.

    I've just weighed him (curiousity sake) and he's gone from 10+ kilos to, now, 6kgs. :) The first 2kgs came off easy, the next 2 were the hard work!

    So congratulations to Mac. :p Hopefully I've added a few years onto his life.

  2. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Well done. If you've ready my past blog entries, you'll know that I am especially happy to read of fewer obese dogs. Sometimes, owners don't see their dog's weight creep up, as they see it added bit by bit. (In the same way that it takes Jan's Mum to come over every few months to our home to tell us that Ellie has grown.)

    Really pleased for you, and for Mac of course. :)
  3. leema New Member

    That's exactly right - you don't notice it sneaking up. And apparently that is the biggest problem with obese-dog-owners - they don't know their dog is overweight!

    Now, when I look back at photos, I wonder how I ever missed it. :( But at least I've fixed the problem now.
  4. luna may New Member

    Well done, Leema! :doglaugh:
  5. storm22 Experienced Member

    well done mac and leema
    my biggest problem with storm is putting on weight but hes put on 1kg in the last year which is good he now weighs 19kg (normal cattle dogs 20-25kg)

    but our pugs need diets when they come to us and i know its hard to get a fat dog skinny
  6. leema New Member

    The hardest part of getting Mac's weight down is the fact that he is fed a raw diet, so it's hard to get Mac-sized portions. I have used a lot of mince, which I'd rather not, but which has seemingly worked. :) Mince is easier to control the portions of.

    Also, I saw significant changes when I cut his evening 'supper biscuit' in half. Each night he'd get a biscuit to go to bed with, and I simply snapped this in half and saw changes almost immediately. Such a simple thing!

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