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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by summitbc, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. summitbc New Member

    Hello! My name is Stacey, and I just stumbled across this site while surfing for info. on border collies (again)! I became the owner of a beautiful 10 week-old tri-colored male BC last Mother's Day, 2007. Well, he, Summit, is the LOVE of our lives. He's a little over a year-old now and boy have we had a ride with him:-) As previous owners of a Siberian Husky, we really didn't realize how incredibly smart and affectionate our BC would be in comparison. He's learned a lot and has become quite the frisbee lover. I'm also a SAHM with boys who are 2 and 6. Yes, it's been challenging, to say the least. I'm here to gain insight to how to live in harmony with us all growing and learning how to live happily together, in the suburbs, to boot. I can't wait to read more!

  2. stormi Well-Known Member


    Love what you are training atm! I have a border collie too, my first, and she is a super little dog too (when she wants to be).

    I look forward to seeing you round the boards, and maybe in the monthly challenges!
  3. sarhaspups New Member

    Gorgeous tri BC! Where is he from? If you don't mind me asking. :) I also have a border collie, he's 13 months old. We are currently learning sheep herding but I'm still trying to figure it out, Ace already knows what he is doing. ha.

    Welcome to the group!! It is a lot of fun here. Good bunch of people. :)

  4. summitbc New Member

    Why thank you, we think he's a gem, too! We got him from a breeder in Pine City, MN. I don't know off the top of my head the name, but I'm sure I have it on file somewhere. He's a beauty, but she didn't want to AKC register the pups. He's still special to us and was way less expensive to us that way, I mean, with him chewing us out of house and home and toys, etc., we have spent plenty on him already! I'm working on trying to break him of chasing our cats. It's been 'trying' to say the least. Pray for us! ha-ha.
  5. summitbc New Member

    Oh, and I forgot, I bet you're having a ball with teaching him to actually herd sheep! I jokingly tell people that we are going to put an ad in the paper to get Summit a job herding at a farm. It'd keep him happy!
  6. tecnogrrl New Member

    I'm new also! 2 BC's in Oregon

    I'm new also! I have 2 Border Collies and a crazy Flat Coat Retriever.

    I am going to dog camp in June and am looking for some new crazy trick to teach my 3 y/o BC.:dogcool:
  7. sarhaspups New Member

    Yes, that would make him a happy border collie. :dogsmile:
    It isn't easy as I thought it would be. LOL. It is fun for sure though. I wish I had my own sheep but for now we are taking lessons and having tons of fun. :dogrolleyes:
    If you go to my youtube account from my profile, you can see a clip of herding from Sunday. My camera died so it is short :dogsad: But I'm mighty proud of him. :dognowink:

    I sure hope that you can get his bad habit figured out. Lot of excersise will help too. I posted to someone else about teaching your dog 'park it' or 'settle. This might be useful for you to teach him when you need him to settle in the house. You can look at past posts to find it, it was just today or yesterday. Let us know if you run into problems. :dogmellow:

  8. sarhaspups New Member

    WELCOME! There are lots of BC owners here... it's fun!! I'm sure you can find some 'crazy' trick ideas here! Let us know if you think of some also. :doglaugh:
    Dog camp sounds fun!! :dogbiggrin:

  9. lexio2 New Member

    A big BC welcome from my two BC boys... and their blond sister. :)

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