Lorelai & I


Hi everyone. My name is Kaysie. I have a 10 month old standard poodle puppy named Lorelai. If anyone knows poodles, you know they are very smart. Taking her to daycare helps with burning her energy but in this economy who can afford it everyday. So I thought that training her to learn new tricks every week would be a great way for her to have fun & burn energy. The only things she knows how to do now is play dead & what I call poodle jump. If you know a poodle you know what I mean. Anyways I look forward to teaching Lorelai new tricks & learning everything I can.


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Hi! Welcome, this is a great place to learn how to train tricks!

Tricks/learning will definitely help dissipate some of the energy. Poodles are very smart and willing to learn.

Do you clicker train or have you ever tried it before? Is Lorelai your first dog?

Hit the Classroom, have fun and keep us updated!


Lorelai is my 7th dog. I also have 2 papillons right now but they wouldn't want to learn anything new. They are both older and set in their ways and really just enjoy laying around the house.

I have used the clicker with my dogs before. We're planning on having lots of fun!