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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by echoyjeff222, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //"Those neighbors called the cops."//

    i don't know why, but this made me bust out laffin so hard! "911, what is your emergency?"

    "there's a mysterious dog in our house" rofl!


    "we have a break in here at 2010 Jones Street....yes, yes, he's in the house now...his description? well, he has fairly long hair, doesn't talk much, has brown hair and brown eyes.."

    //"If he's got the Uncle Freddy factor going, it may well be hopeless. (Uncle Freddy feeds your dog under the table at dinner when you're not looking and you're wondering why you can't teach your dog not to beg at the table.)"//

    I LOVE THIS! PERFECT! "The Uncle Freddy factor"!!:LOL: boy have i had to deal with several UFFs now and then!:ROFLMAO:
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  2. Dogster Honored Member

  3. SD&B Experienced Member

    I can't take credit for that label. It came from the "Amazing Dog Training Man", an internet trainer. But, yes, I've run into the UFF too.
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  4. Evie Experienced Member

    A fun and actually quite easy trick to teach is for them to poke their tongue out :p

    I saw a youtube video of a dog doing it once and fell in love instantly. It's was the cutest things i'd seen and it is still by far my favourite trick to do with Evie. However, I found out later that in the video i saw, the trick was created by 'capturing' a behaviour that the dog already did... where as I taught it to Evie with peanut butter on her nose and by clicking when ever she went to lick it off.:rolleyes: I only had to use the peanut butter for 2 training sessions before she was working it out by herself. But then I got picky and decided that I'd only reward her if she poked her tongue straight out rather than licking her nose, and she's JUST starting to get the hang of this now. But oh my, makes me laugh every time :LOL:

    What's even funnier is that now she knows how much I like that trick, she will offer me her tongue when i'm training NEW tricks with her as she's sooooooooo sure that must be what I want lol. She's like a little lizard :rolleyes:

    This is the youtube vid that inspired me
  5. Dogster Honored Member

    That video is soo cute!!!!!:love: And hilarious!!!!!:ROFLMAO:
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  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I loved that lip-lick trick, too, and my cue was "Buddy, do you like kitty cats?":ROFLMAO:
    and dog would lick his lips.:LOL:

    the cue word i trainded for that, was just the last word--- "cats"---- for Buddy to lick his lips.:ROFLMAO:

    but, i had to drop that trick,:(
    as it was messing up Buddy's SMILE trick
    as he began to lick his lips when i said "Buddy SMILE!"O_o
    as it appears *my* dog can NOT keep TWO mouth tricks sorted out in his mind....:oops:
    SO i decided, between the two tricks, i'd stay with SMILE, cuz that is my favorite trick, of all his tricks.
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  7. echoyjeff222 Member

    Thanks for all the replies! This is the best community ever :)

    I've trained Echo the last two days around 3 times a day. I started the first day inside, then the last two days I've been doing outside, on a long leash. I'm not sure where to take this now. He has come ever single time I say "Here!" which is great. Where should I go next? Keep him on the long leash and go somewhere else? No leash?! Lol.
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  8. Dogster Honored Member

    Definately not no leash. I would advise to wait a couple of months before off-leash recall.:) You can try recall in the backyard, you can do it off leash there if you like. After doing recall in the backyard, you can get a longline and practice recall in a park. After sometime you can let go of the leash, if your comfortable. Then you can start off leash. In my opinoin, your dog should have a perfect recall before moving on to the next step(s).

    See??? By using these steps, you are GRADUALLY increasing on distance and distraction.:D Never try skipping a step, cuz you might end up going backwards (a mistake I made with my dog) I hope this was good advice!!!!:)
  9. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

    What are your thoughts on Eric's work? We don't reference him here in video but I have seen alot of his stuff over the years when one video leads to another...
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  10. SD&B Experienced Member

    I haven't purchased one of his courses, but I do receive his emails and I've read the first four chapters of his book. I've also seen a few of his videos. I find that he has a lot of common sense. I really like a lot of his views on recall - how important it is, some of the ways in which to build a reliable recall, and other points. He knows that dog training is really people training. I think he is also entertaining and generous with his knowledge.

    Case in point - the Uncle Freddy Factor that I mentioned previously. Such a very true observation and something that we need to consider. In Echo's case, if the neighbors encourage the dog, Jeff will have a much more difficult time stopping this behavior.

    In short, I haven't studied him or his material extensively, but I like what I do know about him.
  11. echoyjeff222 Member

    Wow, what a training session. I decided to just train him during his dinner ... what an interesting decision ... he was SUPER attentive but SUPER excited and energized. I should really film him eating his dinner one time -- he GOBBLES IT UP like nobody's business. I swear, he doesn't even chew. I don't even need treats anymore!

    I definitively gave him a workout, lol. Earned myself a few scratches too, as I started off trying to feed him hand - mouth. Ended up just throwing the food down to him to gobble up LOL.

    I started off trying to train him "cover" but it ended up being so similar to what I taught him before - shake hand / high 5 - that I ended up just teaching him "turn" without reading any prior instructions. I simply took my hand with the food and twirled it in a circle, and he turned. I inadvertently added in a jump, so it looks like a jump/twist now haha. He pretty much got it, though I'm going to keep training it over the next few days. For those of who who have taught your dogs "turn" is this the way you did it?
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  12. SD&B Experienced Member

    Yep, that's how I trained the turn (spin). You can use either a lure (what you did) or a target stick (you've trained the dog to touch the target stick with his nose). Either method works. As soon as you can do so, start using only your hand without the food. Sometimes you just happen across a trick. A good trainer learns to capitalize on those kinds of things.

    You've kinda' happened on another thing you can do. Use his dinner as training treats. That way, you don't have to worry about him getting too many calories and getting fat. Also, he learns to sing for his supper and you two are working on bonding and a relationship.
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  13. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    nice work, Echo!! Loved SD&B post, sounds like you did great! YAY!
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  14. echoyjeff222 Member

    I did the unthinkable today. As I was training Echo this morning, he kept getting his long leash stuck because there's a lot of shrubs/bricks around my little coul de sac. So ... it IS kind of like a yard for Echo ... a big yard ... and there weren't any distractions ... so I took off the leash. I trusted him ... and it WORKED! I just took off the leash and walked the other way, peeked back to see what he was doing (staring at me ;)) but I kept walking and watched him run around for awhile. When he glanced at me, I took a deep breath and yelled "HERE!" ... lo and behold, he came to me!!! :D So happy.

    I'm not sure if I should keep doing this xD

    Also, I was trying to tell him to go "down," but I've been teaching him "turn" so much now that he just went to turn! Agh! Time to go back to simple "down" as well :p
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  15. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Congrats Jeff!:D
    HOPE YOU REWARDED THAT COME!! Like big time!!

    Does your dog chase bunnies, squirrels, cats, other dogs, etc?

    If you are unsure, of how advanced your dog's recall offleash IS,
    it is probably safer to practice offleash inside a fenced area,
    like an empty fenced in school yard, fenced in ancient cemetery, fenced in fields or football fields, etc.
    to assess and further train, you want your dog to come, more safely.
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  16. SD&B Experienced Member

    Many dogs have a nature where they love to chase things and they love to be chased. One of the things you can try is, when you call him, run away. With many dogs, this will engage their desire to chase and the dog will come running. Allow the dog to catch you and reward heavily. Of course, the opposite is true too. Chase after a dog, and many will love that game and run away from you. The exact opposite of what you want for a recall.
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  17. echoyjeff222 Member

    oh, yes. some bunnies have been showing up in our neighborhood recently ... and you know how that goes. sometimes there's one in my yard and echo goes CRAZY after seeing one. one time he was on a long leash but the bunny outsmarted him and whizzed away ;)
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