Looking After A Rabbit And A Dog


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Holly and Sky look so lovely playing together as if they've been friends forever.:love::D

Yes Grace does look as if she's part Egyptian Mau and I doubt anyone owning one would just lose it and not be advertising. Sounds like she was a true stray, part Egyptian Mau and part ???. She knew how to pick a good home:D


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So, we still have Sky and Hip-Hop. They are both still alive :LOL:

Everything is going pretty well. The only incident we had was on Wednesday Holly wasn't very happy. I don't know why, she just looked very unhappy and didn't want to run around on her walk, we were thinking about taking her to the vet but by the morning she was back to normal. We think she was just tired and needed a break from Sky.
They also seem to have relaxed a bit more now. At first I think Holly was getting tired because she had to be constantly alert and watch Sky because Sky kept touching Holly's stuff :cautious: and they didn't have the same activity/sleep pattern.

Holly is fine about Sky touching her toys, I think she just needed to watch at first or join in if it was particularly fun looking. Sky especially likes Holly's deer antler, nylar bones, sticks and cardboard rolls :D

I'm actually very pleased with Holly's behaviour. She hasn't tried to guard any of her toys and doesn't mind if Sky sits on my knee (she tries to passively shove the cats off if they sit on me - usually be licking their ears). They are happy to sleep next to each other and Holly didn't even care when Sky stuck her face into Holly's breakfast bowl (Sky really want's Holly's food because it is way better than her own) or when Sky nearly shoved her head inside Holly's mouth when she was eating a bully stick.
Although Holly has not had a Kong since Sky tried to guard it the second day she was here. But there hasn't really been any other guarding incidents from Sky either :)

Holly has also been a good little teacher to Sky, I'll make a little list of the things that Holly showed Sky how to do when she leaves (her owner probably wont be too happy about most of them :ROFLMAO:).

In the sun:

Sleeping in the evening:


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Aww that's awesome! Sounds like both dogs have found their paws:D(y) I think Holly is an amazing little lady to share and not even mind Sky diving into her food bowl or her mouth. You must be so proud of your little teacher(y):D

I think Sky will be adding a P.S. to your list "please may I stay here, it's such a lovely home"