"Look Out The Window"


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This is easy trick, Buddy got it in 1 day, maybe 2 days.

Our old dog used to love watching the people arrive/leave in the driveway through the Dining room window, our new dog didn't realize this is a fun thing to do.

So i took Buddy to that window, which is kinda high up, and tapped on the windowsill ledge, lured him with a treat he had to stand and put his paws on the sill to sniff at, til Buddy put his front paws up there, (wow, he was happy to find out we had such a great lookout post!) I praised this behaviour, and gave him a treat, and said, "Look Out the Window!" Since the verbal cue is sooo long, :msniwonder: i used a certain "tune" to the words to make them more distinct, and added a Hand Signal, (i put my hand to my forehead, as if i am looking for something, Buddy prefers hand signals, actually).

At first, i could only elicit this from Buddy if i was standing right by the window, but over time, i moved a lil further, and a lil further, so by now, I can stand in the kitchen, and say "Look Out the Window" and Buddy runs to the dining room and stands up, with his front paws on the sill, and actually does look out the window, and waits for me to arrive with a treat.

Anyway, is a cute trick, and helped Buddy discover a new lookout in his new home, and was easy to teach as well. Buddy enjoys this one so much.:dogbiggrin:


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Actually that is perfect reasoning. Start close to the dog and build distance. You seem to have an intuition and/or are very perceptive in reading your dog. Good job!! :dogsmile: