Little Jinx

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Anneke, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Anneke Honored Member

    While searching through my vids for a vid to put up in a post in the meet the dogs section, I came across these of puppy Jinx playing with water. She was about 11 weeks old, i think. And it still is my favorite vid of her.
    The jack russell is one of the dogs I walk, Terry. The girl is a friend of mine.

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  2. Evie Experienced Member


    Puppies are such monsters!! I laughed so much when Jinx ran and jumped on you while you were filming with those terribly muddy paws! :rolleyes::LOL::ROFLMAO:

    And I thought Evie liked water.... I think Jinx would give her a run for her money!
  3. Dogster Honored Member

    This is waaaaaay too cute!!!!!!!:love: LOVE IT!!!!!!:love::love: Jinx was one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen!!! She was so rambunctious, and a little naughty, LOL.:D She wanted you to get in the mud with her!! "Hmm, Mom seems to not want to go to the mud, so I'll bring the mud to her!" :p
  4. MaryK Honored Member

    :ROFLMAO: Oh Dogster I agree this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too cute!!!!!!!!!!!:love: I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love::love: Jinx sure was one of the cutest little puppies ever! Loved the way she 'shared' all the mud, though her little friend seemed to stay clear of the mud bath:ROFLMAO: Could not stop laughing.

    And yes Evie, I think Jinx would give Evie B and Ra Kismet combined a run for their money when it comes to being a water baby!:D
  5. Anneke Honored Member

    Ok, here is the first time she played in water... 8 weeks old...
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  6. 648117 Honored Member

    Sooo cute!

    Makes me want a puppy...... but then I look at Holly and remember how annoying and naughty she was (and still is, she's still soooo naughty), I'm not ready to repeat that yet :LOL:
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Too cute for words!!!!!!!!:love: Makes me want a another puppy again:D Aww Holly's a sweetie and they DO grow up -eventually:LOL: I'm ready for a repeat of puppyhood!
  8. MissyBC Experienced Member

    Adorable! Love her Blue Merle colouring. :) And that scraggly looking face when her face is all wet - priceless!!
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