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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dna_27, May 6, 2008.

  1. dna_27 New Member

    hello people

    hey people i am ankur and i am from kochi india...
    anyways i am planning to buy a small breed watch dog... i went through lots of dog review and because of that i am totally confused... so can u people please help me out..

  2. blisandt New Member

    welcome aboard... are you seeking breed recommendations?
  3. dna_27 New Member

    ya... i am looking for a dog who is a good companion and a good watch dog
  4. sesse_m Well-Known Member

    I think you should say exactly how small a dog you're looking for. Very small like a Pinscher? or small like a terrier, or small like a border collie (which I'd probably call medium size).
    Than you should consider what kind of watchdog you want: one that gives a warning bark when strangers come, one that is very protective and can become agressive.
    Will it be guarding a large yard mostly alone, will it be guarding your home or will it be with you most of the time as a "personal-defense" dog?

    Every watchdog is suited to different tasks, some for more than one, but you should definetly understand what you really need the dog to do. Than if you get the breed perfect for that "job" you and your dog will both be happy.
    There's nothing worse than having the wrong dog and I've seen many people do this mistake (elderly couples with border collie, boxers guarding big yards spending all the day alone...)
  5. dna_27 New Member

    i am looking for which is as small as a terrier, which will give a warning bark when strangers come.... and one which will be guarding my home.

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