Let's Do A Dta's Dogs Trick Video?

Tâmara Vaz

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Ok I'd like in, but as I have no computer now, and can't upload any vids, can you use something that's already on youtube? I think Mouse and Oliver would like to be on the vid :)
Yes, I can! Please send the links and tricks you would like:)


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Thank you Tamara:) It will be next week, very, very hot at present and Ra Kismet has a slight eye infection, so will wait for that to clear up, as he's not feeling like tricking much at present (unusual for him), but I think he's having trouble with his eye being sore doing tricks. He's being treated of course, so should be all better very soon.

Sorry for the double post, am a bit tired, LOL forgot to add about Rakins sore eye and too late to edit post.:rolleyes:


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I will do
Back stall
and jumping over body parts(back, legs, arms.)
Okay so Missy seems to have forgotten to do Moonwalk and for some reason she didn't feel like doing backstall today even though she was just fine with it last week. So the tricks I did was.
back onto chair