Leave Dog Home Alone Routine?


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We have lil routine we do when we are leaving Buddy home alone. Buddy does NOT suffer "separation anxiety" btw, and i empathisize with those whose dogs DO suffer that, that'd be hard.
But, almost all dogs 'know' when we are leaving. Buddy, of course, lines up by the door, or watches us with pleading face, if he knows we are leaving. I hear many ppl just leave, and feel that is best way to handle it, wordlessly.

But i calmly tell Buddy, "I'll be back" and he KNOWS and instantly understands, "Mom is leaving and i am staying here." He lays down then, and no longer pleads with his eyes. He then has his answer, and settles down. Buddy learned this words because i always say it when i am leaving home without him.

I do not use the word bye or bye bye, as to him, that word, "bye bye" means HE is going somewhere.
It took me a while to train my guy to do this, (he is always much harder to train than Buddy). He would just stand there, petting dog, getting dog excited, explaining in many sentences to Buddy where he is going. The whole time, Buddy keeps up his pleading, and getting excited he might get to go, too.

finally, i said, "Hon, he has no idea if his pleading is working or not, he just wants to know if HE is going, too, he has no idea what you said!!! Just try it. Look at the dog, and say 'I'll be back' cuz he knows what that means." So Craig did, and was surprised, "Wow, that is easy, huh?" ;)

Also, if he will home alone long (rare in Buddy's life) i set up all kinds of treats and puzzles for him to work on, or a pig ear, etc.