Learning more than 1 trick at a time?

Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by mikey67tang, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. mikey67tang New Member

    So Madison is learning tricks and so far we've always kinda learned one trick at a time and practiced it in each 'session' until she's got it down pat. Then we'll learn another. Can dogs comprehend more than 1 new trick in a session or is it too complicated for them to understand what they're doing, and why they're getting a treat?
    JUST wondering? :msngrin:

  2. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Silvia Trkman, the most successful trick trainer that I know, always trains more than one at a time. I do too.

    I think as long as each trick is different enough so as not to confuse, then you'll be fine. For example, I am currently teaching my dog, Ellie, to crawl along on her belly and to walk beside me on her back legs. I frequently teach both in the same session. There is no room for confusion there. I think it keeps things interesting for the dog. :)
  3. snooks Experienced Member

    I always train more than one at a time even from day one with a totally untrained puppy. Otherwise training becomes boring rather fast. You want to try new things maybe 3-6 at a time with a new puppy. Keep it fast paced and short and fun. The idea is to quit while they are having a grand time and raring for more. So next time they are so excited and listening not oh no the perfect sit AGAIN! yawn.

    So they need to be simple and use food lures and a clicker for the best and fastest results. The classroom here has some good clicker and puppy training. I started out with sit, down, side, come, and quickly added roll over and backup. Start letting puppy drag a leash around now with the loop cut so it doesn't get caught so he'll get used to feeling it. Younger is better. If you want to dremel his nails now is a time to introduce the sounds and feel very slowly, never scare, and clip nails if you're going to clip at least once a week but very very tiny bits.

    three or four sessions of only 1-3 minutes a day are better than longer or one marathon session. and if it's not perfect don't keep going until it is. every dog and human has an off day. try again tomorrow and ask for tips here. there may be a much easier way to get that perfect sit etc. The most important part is that you are both having fun. The second you get frustrated STOP. You don't want that negative energy to go to your puppy and ruin future training because he's unsure. Best of luck. Be sure to ask for tips if something seems hard. I have more suggested clicker free sites and reading if you are interested. :dogbiggrin: I also suggest patricia mcconell’s Puppy Primer for a good starter.
  4. mikey67tang New Member

    It does make sense that as long as the tricks are different (not like shake and hi-5) they'll get it AND I could see Madison (my black lab) be more entertained and keep interest in doing them because they are different :msngrin: Thanks guys for all the supportive help! :doglaugh:

    We're working on "Be shamed" with the paw over the nose (it's a doosey) but as long as I got food in front of her and as long as she stays a black lab (with that apetitie) :dogbiggrin: she LOVES to do tricks!

    Think its safe to say we're going to start more than 1 trick at a time now :msngrin:
  5. snooks Experienced Member

    Lure first then fade the lure and just make the motion with an empty hand after he gets the lure and you've got a reward. There's a nice bit in the classroom on that. Timing is important and when to start using words is important too. Have fun. :doglaugh:

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