Learning Her Name?


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I am fostering a rare breed, a Dutch Shepherd, and she is extremely hyper, mischievous, ornery, and smart. I cannot get her to learn her name! It's 'Cricket', by the way. I've tried treats, praise, toys, nothing gets her attention. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!


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:)say her name,give her a treat,repeat,repeat,repeat,repeat . . . . . . as soon as she looks at you when you say her name,reward her :D
Big thumps up for you fostering,thank you on the dogs behalf:love:!!! I would luuurve to do fostering,but have got the small problem called "Husband" :LOL:


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Ohhhh love Dutch Shepherds, Cricket sounds a little like Oka personality wise. Does that have to be her name or do you have leave to change it? I wonder as the beginning sound is a little 'open' and maybe she doesn't hear it right?....may be off my rocker saying that :ROFLMAO: i'm sure ive read that a 'hard' sounding first syllable works best.
But if it is "Cricket" for good, i would do as Dodge says but also maybe drop a treat, let her eat it, drop -eat, drop -eat, then wait to see if she looks up; if she does; say "Cricket" click treat, then say name-treat, name-treat and so on.
Also try boiled chicken ;)

Jairo I.

In my case, my baby girl Dyna did wat to learn the name my girlfrined and i selected for her (ganga), then whe changed it for pink, then pinky, then fatty then whe where so desperate that whe even thouth neming her NN(NO NAME) LOL! intil one day the both of us(my girlfriend and i) where waching her; and it was very funny because in one point i said "look at her, she moves like a dinasaur! her body moves from side to side when she moves!" and then i don`t know why but it was kind of instinct, i said Hey DYNA! and she looked back at us! the both of us where like 8O! and thats how we name our bulldog, finally the trick is may be choosing a name your dog likes to be called, the problem is that whe try too hard doing it!