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Discussion in 'Obedience Training' started by orangelibratiger74, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. orangelibratiger74 New Member

    this might sound dumb. but i still havent taught my dog lay down.
    does anyone know how to teach a dog lay down without a clicker?

  2. snooks Experienced Member

    Oh heck no that doesn't sound dumb. It sounds like ur trying to learn things the right way and the fastest easiest way for ur dog to understand. That sounds pretty smart. There are no dumb questions.

    Lure lure lure use verbal cue yes instead of a clicker so he'll know what exact moment in time he's doing what you want. then fade the lure, do just the hand movement-yessss-treat. when you bet he'll do that then add ur verbal cue. give cue just before you know he's going to move to start the process of lying down. proceed: cue, less and less hand, yessss-treat. always always treat when u say yes or it will lose its efficacy as a tool. even if u say yesss by mistake treat.

    then stop using hand say down or whatever ur cue wait a bit and see if he does it....the yess is given when he's in position...try to treat when he's in position not after he springs up. so be fast!! 1 second. keep ur hand with the treat still prefer behind ur back so it's not distracting.

    why no clicker?? someone said last night because they lost can use a Snapple lid, ball point pen etc. Or if it’s just a personal preference??? Just curious-maybe I can think of another thing or two to help if you tell me more. Not that I’m trying to convert you..just asking.

    Go to the classroom and the video is great...he's using a clicker but you can use your voice. I have better faster results with clicker but not everyone does and not everyone wants to use them. just remember you don't need a clicker after the dog learns the behavior, some people think ur saddled with it forever. u r not.

    Notice in the vid when he starts adding the verbal cue....also note when he treats the dog he's holding it so he/she has to get up to go get the treat after receiving a treat in the down position. this makes things clearer to the dog that it's what he's doing with his body that gets the treats and he had to figure out what to do when. when the dog thinks the dog learns faster. just following a lure doesn't involve thought. It helps for a very short time to get the desired result but the rest is how you react that cements it into doggie neurons. :doglaugh:

    to be least confusing if you use down for this don't say lay down and then for sit say sit gets more complicated that necessary. Simple is better always.
  3. orangelibratiger74 New Member


    thanks! he did it once.
  4. snooks Experienced Member

    Well yay!! I hope you gave him a jackpot treat and told him how brilliant he was. That's certainly an accomplishment so quick!! :dogtongue2:
  5. orangelibratiger74 New Member

    i gave him an all chocolate fudge sundae lol just kidding id never do that.
    i gave him a meat steak on a stick which is his favorite.and lots of love!:dogbiggrin:
  6. snooks Experienced Member

    :msngiggle: LOL GOOOOOD BOY!! I'll take the fudge sundae!! Hope ur making progress?!?!

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