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Kraftwerk K9 has the largest selection of German Shepherd puppies from working lines. Their German Shepherds are excellent For more information visit Kraftwerk K9, Inc. : Breeder and Importer of Competitive Working Dogs since 1986


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Adopt a German Shepherd Dog: Shasta: Petfinder

This homeless baby dog, in your area, is said to be "from the working lines"'s just sad people crank out littersbefore ensuring there WILL be enough homes-- appropriate, vetted homes who understand german shepherds, and will care for it properly---- for all these magnificent, homeless german shepherds that seem to be very abundant in your area.


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Adopt a German Shepherd Dog: Reina: Petfinder

Here's another cute baby, i tell you, any kind of German shepherd one could want in your town, is right there on Petfinder, an organization i so admire as they work to find homes for all these purebred dogs that somehow, continue to multiply and multipy.....

and end up homeless, on death row, competing against the "dogs with papers" for the few available humans who will take on a german shepherd.

Every dog you create, can have babies..... and those babies have babies...., and within only a few year, there might be 100s of extra dogs !!!! all 'competing against each other' for the humans available who would give them a chance.


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Adopt a German Shepherd Dog: Gabriel von Metzge: Petfinder

Does it get any cuter than this? Read about what he does while playing, THAT IS CUTE!!

Guess this german shepherd mighta lost his "papers" to prove his bloodlines...but, when he lays his head in your lap, and looks up at you, like, "Thanks for getting me off death row, i'll love you loyally, forever, til the day i die"......... would it matter about his papers?


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Tigerlily, quit it, you're killin' me - both my GSDs are from Westside German Shepherd Rescue in L.A. (I live 200 miles no of there), and I'd have more if I could! Omg, that puppy Boomer, too cute for words and he sounds like quite the character! Wish I could go get him!

Nope, no papers on either of mine, but no matter, just as gorgeous, and both are wonderful dogs. Someone dumped one in a pound, the other was a stray - thank goodness for Westside! They're one of the largest GS Rescue orgs in the country. Sadly right now, cuz of so many people losing their homes, they are just busting at the seams with incredible dogs, all ages, puppies to seniors. Just heartbreaking.

Must go give mine extra hugs tonight!:dogtongue2:


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Whoops, tigerlily, wrong puppy - Gabriel von Metzge was the one I fell for big time! Gettin' all my sheppies confused :-) So many dogs, so little time.....


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All these homeless dogs are from the town this breeder is from, Petfinder had page after page, tons of 'em....They are all TOO CUTE!! IT'S A CUTE OVERLOAD!!
But yeah, that Gabriel is adorable...oh my, what a dog...I loved the write up on Gabriel von Metzge!! Did you read it?

I'd love to do write ups on Petfinder dogs...:msngiggle: I think it can impact potential owners....i know the shelters are busy, and often don't even know a lot about the dogs, but some descriptions are so charming, aren't they?

I went to Kraftwerk9 site there...was disappointed, they don't seem interested in who gets their dogs. Soon as the payment is rec'd, they ship the dog.

Apparently, no interviewing, no questions, no references, no application forms to fill out, just nothing?:dognowink: Just any ol person can get one? I mean, i'd hope to see them wanting to verify these dogs are going to homes that will understand what is involved, assess their knowledge and commitment, suitability, etc etc.

I would, if i ever decided to add to the dog population crisis by breeding dogs, (which i wouldn't do) i'd wanna know all about who gets MY dogs.

I'd wanna vet those potential owners, mmHmm. To try to weed out the folks that get "tired" of puppies who chew, or bark, or wanna go on walks, etc etc, and then turn them into the pound or set them loose in the middle of nowhere, cuz maybe they didn't really understand dogs' needs.

Or even abuse them cuz they aren't "right" or they don't know what to do, where to turn for advice, etc etc..could happen, :msnmad:just shipping dogs to strangers that don't even get interviewed, no application to assess the human's suitability, nothing?????:msneek: *shiver*

I didn't study the dog breeder site at length, but it didn't seem to be breeding to improve the breed per say, not a lotta obvious mention of hip testing, etc. I'd imagine they do test, but breeding for it, doesn't seem to be the reason they are cranking out litter after litter of dogs and shipping them---soon as the payment is rec'd----to any sranger who pays up..

The pictures show cages during summer months, they are big, with outdoor...dirt for the dogs, but still, it's cages. It did say they are heated. Didn't notice any toys, even. Sad.

Wonder why anyone would need "papers" on their dog,:msnrolleyes: and risk the chance they could be $upporting a puppy mill------ when they could RESCUE a really wonderful dog:dogbiggrin: off deathrow and Save a dog who really really needs a home?