The Kooikerhond isn't a dog you see much, but they really are great.
When I saw them for the first time, I fell in love :)
The information I found on the internet scared me a little bit. They say that Kooikerhondjes are frightened easily, and because they are frightened easily, they can bite.
When I came the first time at my breeders house, there were 10 kooikerhondjes that were jumping up and down to say hello to us. That made a good impression, this dogs weren't frightened at all!

What I mean, is that it's important where you buy your dog(not only with kooikerhondjes offcourse!)
The things that I read on the internet that scared me , are things I've never seen with my dog!

They also need excercise.. yesterday I made a long walk with Fenna in the woods, we walked 1,5h, when I came home, I was exhausted.. Fenna wasn't.. she pushed her toy into my hands, so I had to throw it away and she could go get it. These games can last forever, so I did a few tricks with her, and 15minutes later she fell asleep!
She can be very active,when I'm in a lazy mood, she can drive me crazy ;) But, when she gets enough attention and exercise, she is a pleasure to have around the house, so calm!

When Fenna was 3days old, the people from Dogs 101 came all the way from America to the Netherlands to shoot all the dogs of my breeder. Fenna's dad is the handsome one at 0.29sec (the first one of the three) and at 0.32sec, 0.39. the puppies that are playing are also from my breeder.

Inge & Fenna!


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I saw this episode!! So great to have your breeder in that program!;) I never knew excactly what they did, untill I saw this:oops::oops: Isn't that a bad thing for someone who lives in the Netherlands:D