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Discussion in 'Dog Treats' started by laramie, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. laramie Experienced Member

    Fairley has been board with the basic peanut butter or cheese in her kong and I don't want her to go crazy. I figured this would be a good place to find suggestions and I'm sure I'm not the only one needing them. So, what creative things do you stuff your dogs' toys with?
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  2. charmedwolf Moderator

    I have a couple that I use. I placed them easiest to hardest.

    Liberally smear anything spread-able over the entire interior of KONG (peanut butter, cheese whiz, cream cheese, liverwurst, last night's gravy), Stuff a layer of the dog's kibble, pack in hard, Drop in something delicious such as bacon, cheese, treat etc., Continue layering kibble/treat/kibble/treat/etc until you fill KONG to top. Use your knife to pack in HARD! Wedge two medium-size Milkbones into the large hole at bottom (You might break a few at first but keep trying!) Turn KONG over and shake. If something falls out, pack in harder until you can shake it and nothing falls out.

    Soak kibble in plain yogurt/beef broth/anything tasty and liquid until slightly soft. Follow the recipe above. Place in freezer overnight

    Mix plain yogurt with plain oatmeal to a very stiff paste. Smear entire interior of KONG with something spreadable such as peanut butter. Place the tastiest thing you can at the small-end hole of KONG. Continue to stuff KONG with layers of oatmeal mixture interspersed with small treats until you get to the top. Plug large hole of KONG with two medium-size milkbones, making sure their ends are firmly stuck into the oatmeal mixture. Freeze hard and give to dog.

    http://westwoodanimalhospital.com/BhvArticles/kong_stuffing.htm -At the bottom are some good recipes.
    http://www.kongstuffing.com/?page_id=16 - Full of great kong stuffing recipes even ones specific for age and weightloss.
  3. katz Well-Known Member

    I plug the small hole with peanut butter, layer kibble and yogurt throughout, plug end with peanut butter. Wrap in plastic and freeze. Keeps them busy and adds the probiotic from the yogurt. They love it.
  4. rouen Experienced Member

    Mine go nuts for canned dog food(wellness 95% meat) and zukes minis, fill the kong and freeze for 2 hours.
    breads and crackers work well too, they will glue to the inside of the kong as the dog licks them, lasts for hours.
  5. Anneke Honored Member

    You can stuff it with anything... Sometimes I put in their kibble, pasted together by peanututter, or cheese.
    I have made kong-ice with yoghurt and dogtreats.
    regular cheese slices and treats, put in the microwave untill cheese is melted, then let cool down!!!before you give it.
    Chickenstock or some leftover soup mixed with water(so it isn't as salty), wrap the kong in clingfilm and put in freezer.
    My dogs love puree banana.
  6. laramie Experienced Member

    How do I keep the liquid stuff from leaking everywhere? I really wanted to put fruit puree in them but I'm worried it's going to get everywhere.
  7. jackienmutts Honored Member

    You can plug the bottom with peanut butter or cream cheese to stop it up - then fill it with whatever you'd like, and freeze it - or top it with peanut butter or cream cheese - and freeze it. Yummmm!!!
  8. laramie Experienced Member

    Oh, that's a good idea. I had never thought to stuff the bottom of it. I'm really excited to try some of this with my girls because they're bored with the plain cheese and peanut butter.
  9. Anneke Honored Member

    My stuffing for today.
    On the left: dog saugage, upper row: left over dogtreats, lower row: dried cowlung and dogsticks(some sort of dried meat)
    And peanutbutter.
    Stuff the kong with half of the treats, layer of peanutbutter, then the rest of the treats and closed off with peanutbutter.
    That was about 10 minutes of fun:D
  10. Chloe and Buddy Experienced Member

    I fill Buddy's Kong with his treats... It is good if you are leaving for a long period of time... But only a few hours...(well, Buddy's lasts about 10 minutes:))
  11. jackienmutts Honored Member

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  12. Dogster Honored Member

    Wow!!!!:D Sounds yummy!!!!:p I want to try them out:) I think Shivon will be delighted, LOL:p
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Fabulous! Ra Kismet and Zeus will love them! :love:
  14. Mutt Experienced Member

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  15. Amateur Experienced Member

    remember freezing extends the fun x2 or even x3
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  16. blacknym Experienced Member

    Great Ideas!! Its funny as i just went to the store to buy some kongs and try this with deja to give her something to do in the evening instead of bark at me! lol
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  17. southerngirl Honored Member

    Missy and Piper are loving there kongs. Piper has the Xlarge extreme and still manages to finish hers before Missy, who has the large extreme. Piper will try taking Missy's. So I have to put Missy in my room.
    Some recipes I have tried out...
    Cheese eggs, with kibble
    Yogurt, pureed bananas, peanut butter at the ends to keep everything in. Frozen
    Peanut butter mixed with kibble
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  18. running_dog Honored Member

    It is funny Zac won't touch banana which seems like it should taste good to dogs but he loves cabbage, brussels sprouts and kale which don't seem appealing at all! Weird dog. Maybe I should stuff his kong with cabbage!!!
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