Killer polar bear? I’m just a big teddy

Jean Cote

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It was a chance encounter that could have ended with flying fur and bloodshed in the snow.

Wildlife photographer Norbert Rosing was taking pictures of a team of huskies in Canada’s frozen north when a polar bear gatecrashed the party.

Along with dog handler Brian Ladoon, Mr Rosing watched helplessly as the bear and one of the dogs approached each other.

2 - Watch out, I’m a southpaw: The dog cowers as his adversary threatens to land a knockout blow

They growled and bared their teeth. But then, instead of fighting, the enemies became firm friends.

First the bear gently nuzzled the husky’s neck. The dog responded by rising on its hind legs to lick the bear’s face.

The bear then rolled on its back to play as the husky looked on, somewhat bemused.

After the encounter, which took place on the coast of the Hudson Bay near the town of Churchill, the dog trotted back to its mightily relieved owner.

3 - On second thoughts, you’re not so bad: A nuzzle with the muzzle clinches the peace deal

4 - Go on, give us a (bear) hug: The new friends enjoy a cuddle

5 - If I lie here long enough I might even get a tickle on the tummy: The bear is playful, the husky is a little bemused and the handler (out of shot) is extremely relieved


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I've seen a few videos of this! Huskies playing with Polar Bears! They're naturally social I suppose it makes sense to befriend a Husky!

watch it on YouTube! It's adorable..the bear just sits down hugging the Husky.