Kesem is four!!!!!

luna may

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Kesem became four years old yesterday! Yay!!! :happybday:

I'm so sorry for not being around so long... I had lots of work on my head :dogsad:
I'll surf the site longer the next few days to balance things up, okay? :doghappy:

By the way, I can't BELIEVE you guys nominated me member of the month!!!! I'm so glad! Thanks, all of you!!! :hug:


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Happy birthday Kesem!


Jean Cote

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LOL Nice birthday videos!!!! Happy birthday Kesem (not like you can hear me anyways haha)


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Does Kesem know how to read yet? Show her this:


:msnparty: Baby's growing up... :msnshussh:


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happy birthday Kesem

storm just head his birthday on the 7th too he's now 6yrs old but sadly i was away for his birthday but i did bring back some toys and treats for him and he loves me again