Kennel names: suggestions?


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Wondering if any of you have a kennel name suggestion, because I'm breeding my dog Khali, and I need to come up with a kennel name as soon as possible.

She is a Border Collie and her KCC(that's Kennel Club Chile) name is "Mela of Icy Mountain".

I'm really out of inspiration...So any help would be awesome :dogtongue2:

Also, if it's of any use, I live in Santiago, Chile, a south american Spanish speaking country, but most kennel names here are either German or English.

Thanks =)


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Do you want them in spanish or english?
supecheria perrera, feliz perrera, afortunado perrera, bondad nutural perrera
forgive me if my spanish is not correct... happy, fortunate, natural

Icy Mountain Kennels would be a good one in english


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The problem would be that it's already registered...icy mountain is the kennel where I got my dog. But it's an amazing kennel name, I must agree.

Your spanish is not so bad, though I'm going for english names, since border collies were orginally bred in the Scottish/English border. Oh yes, so you know, "perrera" means pound, we call kennels "caniles/ canil", but I got your point ^_^ Now you know something new:doghappy:


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Happy Tails, Happy Trails, Puppy Paws, Puppy Breathe,
around here they put the city name: Santiago Kennels,


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Some names and terms which might help you....


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So, you could have something like "Mountain Hemp Kennels", or "Mountain Cap Kennels".

Then you could have something like "Kuli Border Kennels", or "Kuli Mountain Kennels", you get the idea... The Kuli reasoning can be found here.

Another thing worth considering is that the Border Collie originates from the Border Country of England and Scotland, which gives you several place names to make use of:

Dumfries, Galloway, Cumbria, County Durham, and Northumberland. It is a hilly area, with the Scottish Southern Uplands to the north, and the English Cheviot Hills to the south.

So, I suppose, you could mix and match a little too, with names like:

Cumbrian Hemp Kennels
Dumfries Kuli Kennels

Hope that helps, but if not, just shout and I'll dig up some more...


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Thanks collieman ^__^ I was actually considering using names of places of Scotland and England, or at least inventing some considering the usual affixes used when naming places.
But using those collie names is something I didn't think of, and it's an awesome idea!!! Thanks, I may be using those later.

And using "mountain" somewhere in the name is also a good idea, since scotland has a lot of highlands and mountains, and my own country has hundreds of mountains (really, you look around my city and everything is surrounded by mountains)



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I've been thinking I can name it perhaps something with "Strokeld", it sounds british because it has the suffix a lot of british places have - it means spring, and you can also see it like stroke-ld, as in stroking your dog. What do you people think?

Something like
Strokeld mountain kennels
Strokeld Kuli kennels

By the way, thanks for all the help you've been giving, I really appreciate it, can't explain how much. =)