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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by CollieMan, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. CollieMan Experienced Member

    I'm hoping someone here has more experience of the UK KC Good Citizen Scheme than I have.

    Put simply, I am feeling let-down by our training class. We have been training for the KCGC Bronze for almost nine months now. Twice we have been told the exam is coming, and twice it has been postponed. Ellie was, in my opinion, ready for the exam several months ago, and we're now training in a sort of state of limbo. Frankly, it's almost embarrassing that she's been training for nine months almost and still doesn't have her certificate!

    Luckily, as Jan is a volunteer at the training classes, we don't pay for our classes. (If we did, I'd have probably pulled Ellie out by now to be honest, as, without an exam, we'd just be paying, and paying, and paying...) We have been given reasons for the exams being postponed and I have no real reason to doubt the sincerity of the reasons given.

    However, that doesn't help us move forward with our training. It has always been my aim to get Ellie at gold level by the time she is three years of age, and we're working damned hard and regularly to achieve that. However, all the work we are doing seems pointless as we can't get tested through our classes. (There are no other classes local to us.)

    My question, therefore, is, is it possible (and allowed) to privately pay for a recognised and qualified KCGC examiner to examine Ellie for the Bronze level and issue her award if she passes? I just can't see any other way of breaking the apparent deadlock.

  2. josiebell New Member

    How frustrating.

    I'm going through the motions with Duke at our training classes too. However, I have to say that our club holds the exams every three months. I doubt that Duke will ever get to the stage of taking the exam as I'm still battling with his dog aggression at the moment.

    I don't know if you can pay privately as part of the exam it to show that you have control over your dog while other dogs are around. I will ask at our club though. Unfortunately, training was last night so I won't be able to ask until next Wednesday.

    I'm sure that Ellie will sail through as from your posts you seem to have a fantastic relationship with her. (I especially loved the copcop (sp) video)
  3. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Every three months? Now I'm even more frustrated! :)

    Never say never though, right? :)

    Thanks. That would be a great help. There has to be a way for us to move forward.

    Thank you. Working with her is an absolute pleasure.
  4. stormi Well-Known Member

    Hi collieman.

    I can understand that it must be so frustrating to be training towards Ellie's certificate, for her to be ready and for you not to have the opportunity to take it. Well Done on getting her to that level in her training.

    There are a lot of opportunities to take the Bronze award outside of club, and at the moment the KC seem to be having a little promotion surge for the Good Citizen scheme too (they have also just made a couple changes...redesigned the certificate and asked for the dogs KC registered name when taking the test) so I think there will be quite a few opportunities in the near future too. I have never actually taken a Bronze test with any of my dogs at my training club! The club I used to go to didnt hold the tests.

    Storm and Breeze took their Bronze tests at a companion show (as did my Mum's CKCS). There are a few DTC's that hold Bronze tests alongside their companion shows and you dont need to be a club member to take the test...in my experience there is usually a donation of £1 - £2 to take the test on the day. My puppy just took her test at a championship dog show. She did have to be entered at the show to be allowed onto the grounds, and was able to take her test whilst there. Some open shows also hold the tests but Ellie would need to be KC registered and if you didnt wish to show her in a breed class you would need to enter her in advance as NFC (not for competition). The fee for NFC dogs depends on the show, but champ shows are very pricey. However, if you couldnt find anywhere else to take the test it is another option for you.

    For Storm and Breeze's silver and gold tests I joined a training club a reasonable distance from where I lived. I didnt actually take my dogs training there, but after speaking with the head trainer, I was able to take my dogs there for their tests (I've never heard of silver or gold being held alongside other shows).

    Hope these suggestions are helpful to you :dogsmile:
  5. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Stormi, you're a star. That's exactly the sort of information I've been looking for. Thank you so much!
  6. stormi Well-Known Member

    Hee-hee! You are most welcome collieman. Hope you find somewhere to take your test. Good Luck!
  7. CollieMan Experienced Member

    I bring good news!

    We have our Bronze exam date - tomorrow night (Thursday)

    I sent a final e-mail to our trainers and that seems to have bumped them into action. There's even talk of getting the Silver exam by September. (But I'm not going to get too excited yet - once bitten, twice shy, and all that...)

    Still, it's progress!
  8. josiebell New Member

    Good luck, I will be thinking of you and Ellie.

    I'm sure you will do fine though.

    Let us know how you get on.
  9. Jean Cote Administrator

    Glad to hear that you finally got a date! :dogsmile:
  10. CollieMan Experienced Member

    And in case you don't read Ellie's blog - she passed her exam last night with flying colours. :) On to the Silver...
  11. stormi Well-Known Member

    Glad you managed to take your test. Have fun training for your silver and gold!
  12. marysia_p17 New Member

    CollieMan congratulations!!

    Could you give me some informations about this exam? What dog should do? It's very interesting!
  13. l_l_a New Member

    congratulations to you and Ellie!! :) :)
  14. CollieMan Experienced Member

    PDF Information on Bronze Exam

    PDF Information on Silver Exam

    PDF Information on Gold Exam

    To be honest, in my opinion, only the gold is really worth a damn, but you have to take them each in order.
  15. Jean Cote Administrator

    I like their logo :D
  16. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on passing!

    Those are really cool tests... I like the idea of having different levels. Out of curiosity, do dogs get any special permissions for passing the different levels? For example, not allowed in the city until they are Silver, and Gold means public access?

    Lol, I have no idea if something like that exists anywhere, but I think it'd be a fabulous opportunity :)

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