Jw Toys!!


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//And Tif's gonna buy it too, LOL:ROFLMAO://

(Tif LOVES getting her beloved dogs new toys, and Tif does get teased a bit about that,
is reason Dogster's remark is so so funny)

GREAT VIDEO SARA!! WELL DONE! looks like a neat toy !!


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well i am thinking of buying a JW holee cuz that has a plush ball inside. Plus I'm browsing fabric to buy to make Bella some bandanas and I might be getting her a new collar lol i spoil her. Oh and a frisbee gonna look at getting her one or 2 of those. hahah


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I love the balls they have. The one with the big holes in the video at the end. I call it a sponge ball. I put treats in it and Brody LOVES it!