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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DaniG, May 24, 2012.

  1. DaniG Well-Known Member

    I just stumbled upon this site last night, and after spending just about all night reading the forums, decided to join =). Already my new favorite website, and very much looking forward to posting our progress as we work toward our ultimate goal of performing. I'm Dani, CPDT-KA, will be submitting my application for my Certified Trick Dog Instructor shortly, and have a lovely clan of 3 talented critters. Well, 2 of them are talented, 1 gets by on her good looks ;-). They are Duke (5 y/o Golden), Athena (5 y/o Chow, aka the pretty one), and Lin-Zee (2-3 y/o Papillon). My biggest setback is not always proofing their behaviors, so I am hoping that this site will keep me motivated to do so =).
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  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    WELCOME!! And CONGRATS and good luck on the cetificates!! KUDOS!!!

    Feel free to post some photos of Duke, Athena, and Lin-Zee!!!
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  3. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

  4. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!!!!!:D I'm also planning on getting my CTDI soon (summer:cool:) GOOD LUCK!!!!!! What tricks do your dogs know???? They are sooo cute, by the way!!!!
  5. Anneke Honored Member

    Hi and welcome!
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  6. Dlilly Honored Member

    Welcome to DTA!
  7. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

    Welcome! Looking forward to plenty of pics and videos!
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  8. sara Moderator

    Welcome to the DTA! I spend too much time on here too :)
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  9. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    Welcome to Dog trick academy! What tricks do your dogs know?
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  10. DaniG Well-Known Member

    Thanks every! :D

    As for tricks they know - Duke knows - all agility obstacles (one of these days we will compete), plus Left Paw/Right Paw, Play Dead, Beg, Roll Over, Stand on his back legs (starting to work on walking from this position), Touch (I'll have to post a video of him touching his food without eating it), he can balance a treat on his nose but he's not very good at catching it lol, as well as my absolute favorite trick "Go Get Your Bear" (the easiest way to disengage him from something/someone, it also helps out tremendously with his thunderstorm anxiety)and we are currently working on Shy Dog.

    Lin-Zee is currently learning how to jump on my back, but she also does most agility obstacles (still working on weave poles and the curved tunnel (yet she LOVES the chute?)), she also does the cutest "Paw" ever - she raises her paw so high it looks like she is raising her hand. She rolls over, but not on cue yet. We have only been really working on new behaviors over the last couple of weeks, but she's super smart so I imagine she will be learning lots quickly.

    As far as Athena, she knows how to look pretty! Haha, but really she only does Crawl (it's a very cute crawl though!). She's less into the tricks than the other 2, so I allow her to get by with just a Sit & Wait on most days.
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