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    Hi, my name is Julie. I just recently acquired Max, about three weeks ago. He is a roughly one year old Golden Retriever. I say I acquired him and I hope it doesn't come across as a bad thing because Max is a great dog and I love him. He has had kind of a rough history. From what I know the people that had him originally for some reason decided to give him up and took him to the pound. A guy that had just returned from a deployment found him and gave him a home. He decided he wasn't able to keep Max because the base housing he moved into wasn't big enough and didn't have a yard. A friend of mine decided to take Max but was out of state and asked me to watch him for a few weeks. I started to notice Max had a bit of a limp and possibly has hip problems. My friend decided she didn't want a dog that was going to need possible expensive veterinary care right away. This left Max potentially homeless yet again. Like I said he is such a great dog I couldn't let that happen so I decided to keep Max. It's taking some getting used to having him around but so far it's been great!

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    Hi Julie,

    Max is gorgeous ! If you don't like the term acquired then try rescued.... because that's exactly what you did!

    Thumbs up ! (y)
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    He reminds me NSDTR rather than golden :) but hi! :D I also have a rescued dog :)

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