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Hello all. I came across a link to this site while I was on youtube of all places! I have a 3 yr old boxer named Dante, and I foster for AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew) here in Calgary. Learning new tricks is a great way for Dante and I to bond and burn off energy among all the crayzyness of fostering. I hope this site will help me to expand my knowledge of training and help me meet more crazy dog folks like myself :dogtongue2:


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Hi Sugartrish, and welcome to the Academy! The classroom offers vids and written lessons for a variety of tricks. Our monthly challenges(which can be viewed in the challenge forum) should give you plenty of ideas and are a fun way to see how everyone works with their dogs. If you have any questions, our many members can help you here in the lounge. Good luck to you and enjoy the site!


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Hello Sugartrish

I am sure you will love the time you spend here, I know I do.

Dont forget to post some doggy pics for us all to see :)


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hi sugartrish

I'm quite new here myself and have had sooooo much fun. I hope you will enjoy it as much.