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Hello. I am kind of new in this site, so I would like to introduce my dog. His name is Max, and he is a mixed-breed that was given to me as a gift. He barely knows two tricks, Play Dead and Sit. I am working on teaching him Here, and perfecting Play Dead. He has brown, redish fur, honey eyes and he is very active, unless he is sleepy. I am absolutley in love with him. Best. Dog. Ever.

When they gave him to me, we could not let him upstairs because he could fall through gaps, so from downstairs he passed to the backyard. There, he became wild and everytime he saw someone, he just jumped and bite. I did not help lots either, because I barely saw him. Now we moved him with my grandparent's old grumpy dog. I go see him like every day and now he just sees me and follows me. When he enters in the house accidentally, he is like so calm. He could move inside any day know.

I like to train him, and try to keep in short and fun, with lots of treats. When I sit in a bench, he goes and puts him paws in my lap and stays there. When I need to go inside, he sits waiting for me to go away. I am so proud of him!


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welcome aboard

keep the stories coming... it's hard to hope for consistency (and therefore good progress) when you don't live with your dog.

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Hi! Welcome to the Academy! If you want there is a lesson already recorded called "Bang" in level 3 or 4 which is basically Play Dead. It's a neat trick and we've even had a monthly challenge last month, if you look into the Challenges/Contests forum you'll see it listed there. Many members share their learning experiences and breakthroughs in the forums, so it is always great to visit these old threads. :)