Jumping together ??


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I found a trick, I really want to teach.
It looks like this:
Dog and handler standing face to face, and they jump up together.

How do you think I can teach it?

I was thinking that I start with a simple jump over my leg, but that way, Pami would jump away.

Thanks everyone! :)

Jean Cote

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Perhaps luring up until the dog jumps to get the treat? You should also train this on carpet or grass so that your dog doesn't slip and break something.

The bending down and starring would be added after the dog can jump up.


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Jean;7731 said:
Perhaps luring up until the dog jumps to get the treat?
Already tried that. :)
But she won't jump.
She sits, begs, stand on hind legs, turns aournd, plays dead, but doesn't jump. :)
But she looks really cute, when she doesn't know what she is supposed to do. :D


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Does she put her front paws up on you?
You could encourage her to do this and kind of move away as she goes to do it so she kind of has a 'missed leap' and reward her for doing this. I think you should probably be able shape her to do a jump itself.
Give it a go. :D


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You said that she would stand on her hind legs when lured up with the treat. You could try rewarding her at first for this, then slowly increasing the height the treat is held at. First, it should only be high enough that she has to stretch a little more, and then just keep going until she hops up to get it. Mud will do this when I hold the treat high enough, although I haven't actually tried to "teach" it.
Leema's suggestion is also a good one and I think would work well. ^^ Glad to hear you two are back to training! I'm guessing Pami is no longer ill. =)


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tx_cowgirl;7767 said:
Glad to hear you two are back to training! I'm guessing Pami is no longer ill. =)
Thanks! :)
Yes, she is now completely healthy, and we're back to training! :yipi:


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I saw a post a few days ago about teaching jump rope, where the person said they got their dog to jump, and then jumped when they did to get them used to jumping at the same time.. I was thinking a lure up to get the jump maybe a reallllllly tasty treat, or a favorite toy? And then give a verbal "come on, get your treat!" or something similar to get the dog excited.


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Storm can do this trick! I never tried jumping myself too...I will have to try it...lol.

I taught her it like txcowgirl suggested, (actually it was by accident as I wanted to get her to stand tall). I held the treat a little too high and she bunny hopped to get it...I marked the behaviour as I thought it cuter than stand tall, and she cottoned on really fast. I increased the height of the treat till she had to jump higher to reach it, and now she will crouch down and do a big jump up on command.

Good Luck with teaching it to Pami...good to hear you both are back into training.