Jumping Over Your Arm


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This is a trick, that is not useful in any ways, but really entertaining to teach, and to watch too.
First of all, you have to teach you dog to jump over a normal jump. You can do it with a worn-out mop stick (does this word exist? If not, do you get what I mean?). At first, put it on the ground, so the dog can comfortably step over it. Stand on one side of the jump, with a ball in your hand, and your dog next to you. The only thing you have to do, is throw the ball over the jump, and let your dog after it, with a "hop", "jump" or any command. You can even step over the jump with your dog, the only important thing is, that on the other side, happines, and praising must welcome the dog. You can slowly raise the jump higher.
If the dog wants to go under the jump, don't scold him, just put it lower.
After you can do this, you can start teaching this same method, just over your arm. This is a really new situation for your dog, he might try to walk next to your arm, not over it, so it's better if you practice this next to a wall. You can slowly raise our hand, and tadaa! Your dog can now jump over your arm!
I hope this was useful. :doglaugh:

luna may

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Wow, nice trick! I really liked it, and I think this will be the next trick I'm going to teach Kesem the moment I have time! (Right now we're learning hide and bark :dogsmile:...)Thanks for teaching me something new!:doghappy:


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Here is a video of my second favourite YouTube dog, Kaisa, performing this trick in stages, until developing it into a jump through the arms.

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