Jumping Into Arms


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A few of us have been having a discussion/training lesson in the Trick of the Month thread on teaching your dog to jump into your arms, and I thought I'd move it to a location where other people would see it too.

I just started working on it with Charlie. Here is our entire first session. He already is comfortable on the table (in any position) and being held and jostled a bit. While I was holding him during the session, I decided to see how he'd respond to being tipped backwards (something he used to be fine with, but I haven't done it that high above the floor for at least a year)... maybe I should have waited until the training session was over before doing that, but oh well - that's what I was meaning to do in that section ;)

In this session I moved closer to him in small increments until he was landing on my lap as I sat on the table. In future sessions I will sit closer to the front edge, until I am basically standing - then I'll try moving away from the table entirely.



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This video shows how I taught it to Ellie. We call it "hug". Ellie is an extremely timid dog, but this method suited her down to the ground and took only a few days to perfect.

Hope it helps.


Jean Cote

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I taught it by leaning backwards on my knees and luring my dog on me. Gradually increased distance and then height.

But I'd recommend that you train your dog to be comfortable being picked up before you attempt this. If your dog doesn't like being in your arms, you'll have a hard time getting him to jump high in your arms.


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thank you all for posting your efforts!

I have had this "look" from my jackabea after an agility run that looks like "do we celebrate? Will you catch me?"

So he and I are going to work up to it!


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Thanks for the link CollieMan - I think I'll try her way of leaning on the wall.

Here are sessions 2 and 3. I'm now at the close end of the crate and have one leg standing on the floor :)




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I taught my dog this by putting pillows on a chair and gradually getting to the standing position and I put his treat on a ledge near my shoulder. I have the video on youtube but cannot post the link here yet. Just search for Moses Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.