Jump up leg


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I say a few dogs doing this trick where their owner patted their thigh and the dog jumped up on it and they caught them.

Anyone know how to train your dog to do this?


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I taught Vito to do this trick by first teaching him to jump on my lap when I was sitting on a chair, rewarding with a treat of course. Then I gradually put pillows under my but so I was higher and higher. Once i got to a certain height I would squat against a wall to support myself, but still had a slighly visible "lap" that Vito could aim for. Soon I didn't need to squat and didn't need a wall.

Some people have said that it helps to have a treat on a shelf nearby so that when your dog jumps up you can turn and have the dog get the treat himself now that he is up high. I didn't do this with Vito though, I just handed him the treat myself.