Julie & Koda


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Hi guys!

We're Julie (the human) and Koda (the dog) from North Eastern Ohio.
My occupation is CPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) and Koda's is cute red merle aussie with issues. (She has an ecoptic ureter, meaning the lines that carry her urine empty out in the wrong place, which means that mom (me) takes her out to potty 20-40 times per day.)

Our passion is helping fearful/reactive dogs gain confidence and gain a working relationship with their family members. We love to educate and be there for people who are having behavior problems with their dogs, especially since...around here... 3 out of 4 dog/puppies will not stay in their first home without training early on. So, our goal is to get in there and save that puppy!

We got into dog training because of the first dog we adopted. We picked the one in the shelter that wanted nothing to do with us. In fact, she was the only scaredy dog there who didn't want to come home with us, and we took her to training while she was still young. Regardless, that dog (Kittie. Don't look at me like that. Deer In the Headlights Trapped In a Dog's Body wouldn't fit on the paperwork.) was/is fearful and nervous, so we've spent years working with a behaviorist and building her confidence.

My personality works well for training dogs - I am enthusiastic about training, but don't get overly attached to people or dogs. (Love to see them succeed, and will work my tail off in my free time coming up with ways to help them if they are having trouble, but I'm probably not going to invite them over for coffee on my days off.)

I adopted Koda from a breeder for training purposes. There wasn't supposed to be a whole lot of "I love this puppy!" Or other ooey-gooey stuff. I can do without that kind of thing.

Unfortunately, that girl had other plans for me, so now I can't imagine life without this crazy, sassy dog. =] She stole my heart and ran off with it!


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Welcome! Happy to find another member crazy about dog behavior. :D
Lots of trick ideas throughout the site, lots of good conversations throughout the forums so if you're as crazy about dog discussion as I am then you'll love all that.

Enjoy the site, and welcome!