Joey&Maria + Shiloh!


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Good afternoon everyone! I'm Joey and about two weeks ago, my girlfriend & I adopted Shiloh from a shelter in West Virginia!

Prior to picking Shiloh up from the shelter, there's quite a background story. Let me begin by saying we've been searching for the right dog for the past month or so, on petfinder. Finally, we come across Shiloh and as the page / pictures begin to load, we looked at each other the way we did when we first met each other so we knew, that Shiloh was the dog we just had to get.

After the moment passed, I immediately email the shelter with her fingers crossed and mine that they call or email us tomorrow morning as early as possible. Of course, they did. Unfortunately, they close at 5..I get off work at 4:30 and it takes an hour to get there, not including traffic time. Well, I asked her, begged her, to stay and she had to have it approved by her "boss."

Through out the day, I'd check the petfinder site every hour, then found out Maria was doing the same thing, because we texted each other at the same point saying "the puppy's page is gone." Later, we found out why. Hours later, I was lucky enough to receive an email back explaining Barb(lady at the shelter) was able to stay for the extra half hour till we got there to fill out the papers and give us the dog. We remembered as we were leaving to ask, where the page went...turned out, Shiloh was quite the popular dog with over 500 inquires within 12 hours of putting him up. - Maria & I were the 2nd, petfinder confirmation was the first.

From the first moments, we knew he would be a great traveler considering he slept for the entire hour and a half back in Maria's lap. Ever since, he has greatly influenced both our lives for the better.

Shiloh is a blessing in disguise, without a doubt.

Long story short, Shiloh will be our best friend. We got him at 6 weeks. This Tuesday, August 12th, he will be 8 weeks. Shiloh is a Pitbull Bull Mastiff mix. The picture below is from the other night, 7.5 weeks we'll say.

ps. any suggestions of feeding or anything at all will be very appreciated; please help me raise a strong healthy dog...