Jinx Bit My Boyfriend In The Butt...


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I laughed so hard when he told me!!!
He was walking Jinx and Cooper this evening and he ran into a former client of mine. She crossed the street, she hadn't noticed my boyfriend or she would have stayed on the other side.
So my boyfriend decided to cross aswell, to avoid meeting her as he thought her dog and Cooper didn't get along.
But Cooper and Only do get along very well. Only looovvveess Cooper, so when she spotted him, she dragged her owner with her, causing the owner to fall over. Then somehow the collar slipped off and she came charging across the street, nearly got hit by a car:eek:
The thing is: Only HATES Jinx. So when she came charging in, she saw Jinx and went for her!
These two have had a run in before and boy, when two bitches fight... Cooper stepped back and let the ladies go for it.
So my boyfriend, who was still worried, that Cooper would start fighting too, was juggling to keep three dogs away from each other. He pushed Jinx back between his legs to keep her away from Only and that is when she bit him in his butt...
Just a reaction to Only, but his bottem end was in the way:D
By then Only's owner had arrived and grabbed her to put the collar back on. And the little rascal slipped out of it again:rolleyes: Well she isn't so little, being in husky/shepherd mix.
Nothing bad happend, just a lot of growling.
But my boyfriend was so very surprised by Jinx her reaction. He has never ever seen her act agressive, even in defence of herself.
And Cooper just stood there, he said.
Haha, Cooper knows better than to step into a catfight:p He would have if the other dog had been a male...

So I told him to watch out for Only and her owner next time, because the owner is just a small woman and can't handle her dog very well.
I always stay well away, since that time we found out, Only doesn't like Jinx.

Just to explain: I didn't laugh about the fact that my precious princes was in a fight, just about the fact she bit my boyfriend in the butt, because he was in the way.
A little revenge, because he has laughed at me several times when I got bit:mad:


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BAH HA HA!!! too funny, hope your boyfriend's toushie is gonna be okay!!

that was what we call "re-directed" aggression, and it had NOTHING to do with your bf, at all, it was just Jinx was biting around, quite excited, and bam---there was a bum right by his mouth.
Is a really good chance, that Jinx, or ANY dog in that situation, would have bit whatever piece of flesh got too close to the excited dog's mouth.

this could, indeed, happen to any dog in that situation. Or any bum near such a dog at that moment!!
too funny.

Our last dog, who NOT aggressive, ever, just a "normal" dog, bit my daughter's boyfriend in the butt, too, but, it was not just an excited "re-directed" biting frenzy, THIS was a calculated move.....long long time ago, our old dog Toby saw my daughter screaming, as the boyfriend ws tickling her, and Toby felt he should step in and help out my daughter, who, near as the dog could discern, WAS being attacked...and put a nice big CHOMP onto the kid's bum..........was kinda funny...
that boy never tickled her again like that. mmmHmm.

but THAT was whole other thing, than what poor lil freaked out Jinx did, poor baby!


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Buddy also does that "re-directed" aggression thing. It's too funny, well, not really i guess.
When Buddy gets to take a walk with his best pal Duncan,
and the two dogs are walking along,
happy as pie,
and then they see a german shepherd,
and Buddy gets upset to see such an evil monster as a german shepherd,:rolleyes:
Buddy will turn to Duncan, his best friend, and snap at Duncan.
Luckily, Duncan--who is much much bigger than Buddy---- just looks at Buddy, like, "What'd I do?? stop that!" and then it is over.

If i have time, as SOON as we see another dog, if we are walking with any of Buddy's doggie pals,
i will move Buddy away from his friend, cuz i know what will happen....the other human says, "How did you know Buddy would snap at Fritz like that?" ha ha!! I should pretend i am psychic, ha ha!!


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Hahaha, well that boy shouldn't have "attacked" your doughter like that:ROFLMAO:

Cooper brings over his squeackytoy whenever my boyfriend and I are cuddling or playfighting:D He will franticly squeack and push the toy in between us:LOL:

Yes I know about the re-directing. One of the dogs we owned in the past would start to bite his leash, when he saw a cat. He knew he couldn't chase it, so he would bite the leash:)

A few years ago my Shane bit me. We were fooling around with a blanket. I put my hand underneath it and wiggled around and he would jump on my hand and mouth gently(almost playing like a cat) We ended up playing tug with a corner of the blanket, he grabbed hold of it, but my pinky was still in there, auch!!! Normally when he felt my hand or finger he would immidiatly let go, but the blanket was bunched up, so he didn't feel it. Opened up my pinky from top to bottom. I had to go to the doctor to have it bandaged, luckily no stitches and get a tetanusshot.


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Awww, poor dude! I got bit a couple of times in similar ways... getting into a dog fight is not the smartest thing to do! Awful situation there, but luckily nobody was hurt.