Jasper's Back




Long time, I know. Jasper has been through 2 surgeries within 2 months time. His knee cap on one of his hind legs separated and he limped. I thought he had something in his paw. I called the vet and I took him in and he said "Surgery." I was so scared for Jasper. Surgery went well. It was a couple weeks after and at home he went chasing Nikki, my cat and was coming down the upstairs. Well, he only made it to the 2nd step and froze on all 4 fours. Thank God, I was upstairs too. I finally got him (big lug) up to the top step. He could hardly walk so another call to his vet. Taking Jasper back, another surgery took place. His vet didn't even charge me a red cent the 2nd time around. So now he is in Hydrotherapy and doing so well. Pry's are not swimmers but he is enjpying it all and even goes into the pool by himself. His therapist is there to watch him as well. If he does not go to his hydrotherapy he will limp for the rest of his life. He is also on a med called, Dasuquin for the rest of his life for arthritis as his surgery will cause this and his breed is known for it. I am just so thankful he is doing good.