It's CollieMan's birthday!!!

Jean Cote

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Hey everybody! It's CollieMan's birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Have fun 2day!!!!!


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:birthday::party::cheers2::cheers2: are we having cake? :msntongue:


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:ywondering: did I forget to mention that I prefer chocolate cake? :dogbiggrin:

luna may

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Happy Birthday!!!!
Mazak Tov, Yomuledet Sameah, Feliz Cumple, Sabah Mabsut (I think… ;)), Feliz Aniversario, and over all- :birthday:
Many more joyful years to come! :yipi:
I would like you to know that you are one of the most important and influential people on this site, who did, and still are restlessly modeling the site into what it is today. And I think that what it is today is a great, colorful, happy place, so in my opinion I owe you my thanks 
The DTA just wouldn't be the DTA without you. Normally, I would've written "I wanted you to know that", but somehow I think that you already do. I wonder how. Intuition, I guess.
By the way, there's a stall in my town bearing hundreds of nifty volumes, with names such as "CM's surf to international glory", "Amazing Ellie", "One Million Awards And Where To Find Them", "Height-Fearing Dogs Around the Globe" and "101 Ways to Make People Laugh So Hard That They Fall Off Their Chair, Knock Their Head On The Floor And Require Being Transported To The Closest Hospital Available Due Skull Injury And Internal Lung Damage Resulted From Lack In Oxygen Supply- CollieMan Style" :D.
Coming to a bookstore near you.
Hmmm… I think I may actually write one of them someday. It's worth it. Besides, It'll be a bestseller, You'll be famous world-wide and I'll be stinkin' rich. :doglaugh:

P.S: This message got erased three times as a letter, so I decided that the message is bad karma and wrote it down in Word. It's saved on my computer, under the name "CM's Birthday" :)
Your quest in taking over the world is beggining to take effect, starting with my computer.
Fear not, your CollieMan-ish ways shall prevail and conquer all humanity.
Someday ;).

luna may

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Well, Happy Birthday, anyway ;).

And I would also like some Chocolate Cake. Like little kids say,"Yummy yummy in my tummy". Like I say, "OHMYGOSH IT'S CAKE!!! GIMME THAT!!! IT'S MINE!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! :dogtongue2:


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lol Luna ;)

Happy B-Day CollieMan - make sure you get a cake that can be shared with Ellie :dogbiggrin:


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luna may;4413 said:
... and still are restlessly modeling the site into what it is today. And I think that what it is today is a great, colorful, happy place, so in my opinion I owe you my thanks. The DTA just wouldn't be the DTA without you...
That's very kind and means more than you might realise.

Thanks very much for your kind words.


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I was away the last two days so only just saw this - happy (belated) birthday Collie Man!!

:) :) :)


Sorry I missed it.:msncrying: Hope it was a good one. Thanks for all you do for this website!:yhug:


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happy birthday collieman !!!!!!!
hope ya have a great day and get lots of presnets and have heaps of fun hope there was great wether
from maddie and rosie !


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Erm, my Birthday was on the 5th. Though, I went to the dentist yesterday and as I was walking into the dentist's actual room, his assistant wished me a Happy Birthday. I asked her if she seriously thought I would come and put myself through pain as my Birthday gift. It seems they had the 15th as my Birthday, and not the 5th.

On reflection, I should have gone along with it, and perhaps them my mouth would hurt slightly less than it does now. :)