It's A Dog's Life! (and Cats Too)

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    Late last night, whilst watching a video, the monitor went blank. I shall spare you all the frustrating details of my attempts to get it working again, suffice to say it went phutt, never to work again.:eek:

    Today partner and I, at my suggestion and my bright idea, moved the computer into the sitting/dining room, so that the computer and T.V. could both be used albeit not together of course.

    This involved moving just about every single piece of furniture, including a very heavy sofa, to different positions because cables etc. only stretch so far.

    So what did my two dogs and two sybaritic cats do during the ensuing furniture removals?

    Zeus and HRH Sylvannia Faery Kitten decided the sofa (I did say it was very heavy) was the ONLY place they could rest, so partner and I had to move the sofa complete with one 27.8 kilo dog and a none too light weight cat comfortable ensconced on same. I swear my muscles have grown considerable maybe that was what the two of them were thinking "hey Mom needs more muscle in her arms so we'll seize every opportunity to help her gain more'.

    My other cat Maeve, did have the good grace to remain seated in the kitchen, meowing madly and cheering us on but, not getting in the way.

    Ra Kismet, outside at the start contentedly munching on the remains of a bone, decided he was not about to be left out of all this exciting action. So, with a stiff, snore knee, I performed a few masterly acrobatic feats to let him in to watch proceedings. It was either that or have to buy a new screen door as his knocks were getting pretty heavy duty.

    Upon arrival inside, he obviously thought we were setting up a lovely 'doggy gym' as he thereupon proceeded to leap from one piece of the furniture to another with great grace and skill. Plus of course, the dining room table is now even easier to leap on, Mom's so kind and considerate! Oh and 'Mom my Kong toys right underneath the furniture you're lifting and I have to have it NOW not in a minute' Again for everyone's peace of mind, this involved some extremely skilled and acrobatic feats on my part to retrieve the 'lost' Kong toy. By the time I had managed that, in typical dog fashion, Ra Kismet had totally lost interest in the Kong toy and was trying to get at another toy, also at that time in a totally inaccessible place. Please rinse and repeat this several times over and you'll have some idea of what moving furniture is like with Ra Kismet around!

    Calm was eventually restored and the two sleepy heads, are at the time of writing, still resting peacefully on the newly positioned sofa. Maeve is thoroughly investigating the rearranged room with a look of total disapproval on her face. And Ra Kismet is now outside playing soccer with dad!

    In my next reincarnation I am definitely, no question about it at all, coming back as a dog with a very good home!

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    Most DEFINITELY!!! :D
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