It's a boy!


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Congratulations on your new addition. Great that you're giving this dog a chance, hope all goes well. He looks very cute.


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how gorgeous i hope he fits in well and loves it there,
theres nothing worst than thinking theres plenty more milled dogs out there, he does sound less damaged and happy now,:dogbiggrin:
my nan got her pekinese from a puppy farm, shes couldnt breed as she kept running away from her pups, and she couldnt walk on her back legs and would scratch her belly raw from crawling, when my nans friend got her (she came to gran after her friend got her on the right track) she has big problems with other dogs and her food (shes happy with us coming round her now) and she still hoardes everything she can (she has a magazine in her basket at the moment (my nan cleans her out every few weeks, she found where her remote went hehe:dognowink:)

but shes been living in the family for a good two years now, she still sometimes pees inside and she still lives in her cubby holes (she has three round the house god help any dog that goes nears them:msngiggle:)

and these dogs make the best cuddlers dont they i think cause they're just not use to it and they love it

have fun


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Great for you

Bless you for rescuing this dog. He looks great and glad to be "HOME". I hope it keeps going well. sounds like Emma was glad he came too.



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Congrats, and KUDOS to you on getting a rescue!!! Sounds like Emma's enjoying her new buddy. Good luck to you! :D


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Pepper is so lucky to have a home with your family. Congrats, and I hope things continue to go well.


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<Sits puffing on virtual cigar> Cough, splutter, cough, splutter....

Congratulations on the new addition! :)


Thanks for all the good wishes. It looks like things are working out well so far. They are getting along well and Pepper was even playing a little this afternoon. I took a knuckle from one of Emma's rawhide bones (that's all that was left) and tied a string on it. I drug it across the floor in front of Pepper and he started chasing it and even sat and chewed on it for a few minutes later when I let him catch it! I have to share something that happened this morning! Emma had taken one of the toys I had bought for Pepper, proceeded to walk across the floor, stopped in front of Pepper and shook the toy. She was very playful and happy during this as if to tell Pepper "This is how you play with a toy! :dogtongue2:". Yes, I think things are going very well so far!:msnohyes:


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Aww, what a cute little boy, and Emma sounds like the best big sister ever! :D Don't forget to video some of their early interactions - they are so fun to go back and watch later...

Great job for rescuing the poor pup. He's now got a full life of fun, tricks, and a loving family to look forward to every morning :)


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It's sounds like Pepper has found a wonderful home and is settling right in. It sounds like Emma is such a dear sharing her toys with Pepper and showing him what to do with toys.


They are now playing together, chasing each other around the house, and attacking toys more frequently and for longer periods now. I think we've got the right one!:dogtongue2:


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Aww Pepper is a sweetie!!! It's great that after a rough start in life now he's found such a loving and committed home with you and your family! It's interesting how you mention it was disconcerting to see him so 'lacking in personality' and it really makes you wonder what the less fortunate dogs from the puppy mills are like. But it sounds like already he is coming out of his shell. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of him!